Monday, July 13, 2009

land of 10,000 lakes

Warm weather! Everyone laughs when I say I have to go to MN to get warm, after our miserable summer we've been having NY... We're all snuggled into our little tiny cabin, enjoying the sun, water and friends!
And yes a little sewing too. Some people read to go to sleep, I have throw out a few stitches...

Yesterday, I got to meet Heather and Joel of Anka's treasures, aka trends & tradtions. We can actually see their house from our cabin...
Ok, now we can all sing, "It's a small world after all."
yeah, funny story, I realized after following her blog and seeing a picture out of her studio window, that Irecognized the two islands that she sees! they, ebing the islands I am on the other side of!

Heather's stuff was beautiful, Terribly nice people, and a gorgeous house! They've done so much work to it, it's lovely, and her studio is to die for. Even Daisy the dog is ALL Joel says she is... ;-)

Look at these cuties I found in an antique shop! Love the pattern, perhaps I'll adapt it for my block for the Pixiedust gather! I hope you all got your fabrics!
Look what the critters did to this tree by the lake? it almost looks like a sculpture!


  1. The cabin looks so snug and comfy :) That pattern is lovely.
    Love the pic of the lake looks like a relaxing time. Enjoy and kisse to B from us.

  2. It's beautiful and such a small world! Got my fabrics--got one block done that I don't love and enough for a second, so you can choose! Have a great and warm time!

  3. Such a beautiful place to be ... sunset is breathtaking. Love the quilting. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. What's my beautiful little quilt doing there when it's also here on my lap? I got my mini quilt today and I LOVE it! It's beautiful. Thank you so much. I also got my fabric for the Pixiedust gather so I have to do some serious thinking about what to make. Your cabin looks so cozy!

  5. My block is done and in the mail. I also love that little mini. Can I post my finish block or do you want to keep it a surprise?

  6. Looks like y'all are enjoying yourselves. Cute blocks. Luv the that little quilt. Happy stitchin!

  7. Hope youre enjoying MN..yes..its a very teeny tiny world indeed!

    I always love your pictures of the sunset - absolutely amazing..oh, by the way, your studio looks amazing - nice and neat! Ive been meaning to ask you, where did you get the fabric with the mary's/virgin's..They are so beautiful!

  8. I'm seriously going to Mapquest your lake and figure out how far a drive it is...You might have an uninvited guest on your doorstep one of these days especially if you don't stop posting these sorts of photos!

    Got the fabric, hopefully going to create a block or two this weekend. Enjoy your stay!

  9. Send some of that warmth back this way.. my furnace came on this morning.

    LOVE those blocks. Oh yes.. you have to make some of those Bumble Bean Style!

  10. how fun to be able to meet heather! it IS a small world. :) i love the quilt blocks that you found in the antique store. they are wonderful!

  11. Cabin envy going on here! I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself. Looks like a wonderful time.

  12. Hope you are enjoying your days away from the big city! Hopefully the weather will turn so we can enjoy some warmth and sunshine. We enjoyed having you over and it was a treat to meet your duaghter. What a smart, funny, and charming girl!

  13. Enjoy your time in MN. You'll be happy to know that the rainy pattern has broken in the northeast. I don't think I could have taken another rainy day up here in NH. It has been gorgeous here this week so I hope it stays.


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