Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to MN

This one is not quite done... trying to decide a border... hmmm, I'm thinking triangles, or maybe a wide brown border.... or gold... or, geez I don't know... It needs something SPICY!!!
It will have to wait til I'm back from MN.

Jennifer Ramos of madebygirl... made this print. I must have one.
Perhaps a gift for my hubby just to reinforce my love... ;-)

Maybe I can make one that says, I LOVE YOU, BLOGS, QUILTING, and Coffee!

Our ten year anniversary is just around the corner!

Me, B and my vintage fishy plates are off to Minnesota, back to the cabin Saturday...
I will be seeing some friends, family and a couple BLOG friends!!! Can't wait!
I'll be hitting a few of my favorite quilt shops... That's always fun!
Gonna try to keep blogging, ....I found the local coffee shop has WIFI... yippeee!

Grubers Quilt Shop
Flying Goose Quilt shop
Quilted treasures Quilt shop


  1. I think gold and brown triangles, bigger than what you have there. Your quilt looks really lovely! Have a fabulous time in those shops!!

  2. I really love the quilt! Have a great time!

  3. I soooo love the colors of the quilt. Good luck on figuring it out. Once I become better at it I will make recommendations, for now I will enjoy whatever you do.
    Happy tenth.....when is the date again? Ours is 7 months away :)
    I want that Blog sign but with your additions on it. Maybe we can Quilt it!!!

  4. Ooohhh I like your new quilt top. You are getting LOTS done this summer. I'm kinda jealous because I don't seem to be accomplishing anything (besides inhaling bags of Nibs).

    I love that sign, too. But I think I would have to add a few things to it, too.

    Have a great time in MN. "See" you when you get back!

  5. Great quilt top! Have fun visiting those wonderful shops.

  6. I love love love this quilt!

    Have a safe journey and say hi to any of our mutual blog friends for me - lucky duck!

  7. Luv that top. I can't wait to see what else you do to it. Looks like that sign woul be a great anniversary present. Have a great visit.

  8. Fly safe ladies, and have fun!

  9. Love the new quilt! Have fun at the cabin.

  10. Have a great time up at the cabin. I love that Dh and I just celebrated out 10th this year too! Heading to Boston next month to celebrate with a game at Fenway...

  11. Oooooh, I really like this new quilt. You are really getting a lot done!! Have a great time at the cabin.

  12. The quilt would be so cute with triangles around the border. Also cute would be the triangles that are little "flaps" you know what I mean? The kind you create into finished triangles and then sew into the seam over your border...? I immediatly thought of that when I saw the quilt. :)

  13. I agree, it definitely needs something spicy!

    Hey, i'm having a contest/giveaway today for designer fabric lovers! If you get a chance, come enter!

  14. This is an awsome quilt! Definately triangles similar to those in the sashing! Bold striking and sassy! Good luck with it. As to the sign, hehe, I think I have that exact mug in the pic! Happy shopping :o)

  15. i'm soooooooo excited to meet you! have fun at grubers. (and the other quilt shops, of course.) too bad we couldn't meet THERE~although that would be highly dangerous. :)

  16. i forgot to add....i LOVE that poster, but it definitely needs quilting in the list. and the quilt is fantastic. i love it so!

  17. I'm surprised I'm drawn to that quilt, it isn't my usual colours. But I think it is loverly. My vote is for triangles on the borders too.


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