Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok! I get to sew ALL DAY! WOO HOO! wow.

So here I sit working on the Red Cross Swipe Quilt.

Don't mind my WHITE TAPE marks! It's up , and it works! ;-)
I know these colors were not favorites with many of you.
But I dug my heals in...

The three main colors of red, turq, and gold,
perhaps I should rename this quilt,
The childhood memory home quilt. (but that's so long!)
Because these are the main colors that decorated the house I lived in for my first three years. I am quite drawn to them.
But really, I am so pleased with the way this is turning out. I just need to finish the blend pieces of the red and turq, and a few applique bits...

I'm also playing with this scrappy happy quilt.... I Still don't know what I'm doing with this... I keep changing it constantly. the only thing I know for sure is the minty green with white polka dot background.
But it looks nice laying on my lawn!

Well, enough break. Let's see what i can do with this thing...


  1. I love that you have a block or bits of blocks that have escaped the well-planned layout of the red cross quilt. That always makes my heart race when I see that. Don't get me wrong, I love the layout, but the rebel in me loves it when a block escapes from the pack!

    Enjoy your week even though I know you'll be missing miss B.

  2. okay... LOVING that red cross quilt! Love the bright colors against the aqua. AMAZING!

  3. It is looking gorgeous...looks like a lot of work too! Awesome job.

  4. Your Red Cross quilt is spectacular. Your colors are wonderful. They are not my favorite but the way you put them together is absolutely wonderful. I love the asymmetrical look.

  5. They both look great! I love that red cross quilt. The colors, while not a favorite, really work together!

  6. I love it! You don't see a unique quilt very often in blogland, but that is truly different from anything i've seen.

  7. Love both quilts, very pretty. You have an unusual but adorable take on quilting...I love it.

    Have fun!

  8. Love it! Especially the way it looks all pixilated! The boldness of the red with the breakaway block, truely wonderful!

  9. It's awesome! Amazing how it changes with those wide swaths of color! Love the scrappy one too!

  10. Wow! That one is going to be a stunner! Those 4 patches just fade away...but it's cool! Love both of these tops!

  11. The red, turq, and gold are fantastic together!

  12. You were sure right to forge ahead and make your vision reality. Good for you! And it's a stunningly lovely result! The blue flower quilt is looking good too.

  13. Again Victoria, fabulous quilts! Your colour combos are always my favourites so don't get tired of my comments that always go "I love these quilts" because I do! Greetings from Hamburg, Germany where I'm up while everyone is asleep.

  14. beautiful, love what you did with the red cross quilt
    I am so impressed.
    scrappy happy quilt
    hmm a few appliqued shapes, circles seems like a perfect idea and then really funky hand quilting would be a different color thread than i would use (you know the safe colors I would choose...don't chose those! LOL)

  15. I like your quilts. Great sense of colors!

  16. I luv it! Very cute! Well done!
    A whole day of sewing? You are making me salivate. Happy sewing, friend!

  17. that red and aqua quilt is amazing! i just love what you've done with it!

  18. Whoa! I'm putting on sunglasses to see the bright and so cheerful. I love the beach's summer.
    Have fun

  19. I like the way this scrappy quilt is going too. Love the flying geese.

  20. See? I told you you were right.
    It just SINGS!

  21. I'm absolutely loving the red cross quilt!


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