Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunny Summer Saturday!

I got goodies!!!!
Hubby came home last night with a few packages! on the left form DEE! some Batiks and a pincushion, and on the right from Amy!
I love them, and I am so excited to finish working on those batik blocks!!! Thanks guys! what a sweet surprise!!!

It's Sunny! Our first day that feels like summer!
We went straight to the beach.
Now I get 5 minutes to do this and I have to go get in the pool.

Before and After!

ha! how funny is Jenny Egg???


  1. We've been in stuck in the same weather pattern as you. Isn't the sun glorious?! We're hoping for some quality beach time soon.

  2. How cute is that haircut! My cats hiss at Mac when he comes home from the groomer...

    have fun at the beach!

  3. Love your beach pictures. And those look like four different dogs! How funny!

  4. We were on the beach this morning and it was so so hot! I opted for the AC this afternoon. Love your fabric.

  5. The "before and after" made me laugh. Hope your day at the beach was good.

  6. Lucky fabrics to play with. I love the pic of your daughter and the ocean. That is so awesome.
    The puppies are so cute too!

  7. Oh oh I'm having blogger trouble with comments.

    At any rate, Jenny Egg looks VERY COOL! She must be one happy pup!

    And the beach looks wonderful... makes me wish i were there!

  8. I bet the dogs feel like puppies again. Our neighbours have a golden retriever and they shaved her. she looks like a lab and is like a puppy when she visits...and she doesn't stink when she comes out of the water anymore.

  9. I so enjoy the pic of you and B by the beach....such wonderful photography you take.
    Your dogs are too cute...can you convince Kurt to let me have one too ;)

  10. looks like a perfect saturday. i would love to be at the beach....

    the haircut is sooooo cute!!!


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