Sunday, May 17, 2009

things to do

Well, let's see I started this little one in March, it's now May.
Not bad! ha!
And I found a place for it!

Right next to one of B's paintings.

Catch of the day


We head to the cabin friday. I'm so happy I can't stand it. Soon I'll be at the lake, hmm, MN? still could be pretty chilly...

Perhaps I need a lap quilt to take a long to work on and stay warm!
excuses, excuses....


  1. Love the mini quilt and the turtle!

  2. I'm on a lake in MN and it forecast to be 80 degrees tomorrow! I hope you have a warm and relaxing time.

  3. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt.

  4. That is the perfect place for that quilt. Great painting, B is obviously a double genius just like her Momma! Enjoy your trip to the lake! We'll be on a river and it will be nice and warm. Yipee!

  5. The quilts are really nice, but I LOVE your walls!!

  6. Love your quilt and walls...the quilts look so good on the bright stripe walls.

  7. Exciting! Have a great trip. I love the first wall quilt. The green in it "speaks to me."

  8. I like your quilt with the focus fabric. Nice design! It's sometimes hard for me to figure out what to do with that kind of fabric even though I love it.

  9. Have a fantastic time at the lake! Are you crazy busy before you leave? Would still love to do lunch, tea or a sewing date, sometime! :)

    I have to say, I've been loving this last round of quilts...Matisse, Red, this one. Awesome! Also, you can get a cotton batting at CityQuilter. Don't know if it's what you'd want for something big like B's cushion, but it is natural. Good luck!

  10. oooo.. so you are geting ready for the cabin this week. Busy! I have been having fun catching up on all your past week or so of blogs. Your hand quilting is really looking great.. I LOVE it. Will you be able to blog from MN?

  11. I love the walls colors, I wish I was brave enough to do something like that. What a cute litttle turtle :) I want one, ask B if she will share with me.....


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