Saturday, May 16, 2009

weeks review

I was wandering around NYC the other day, and I wandered into Anthropologie. Always so many cute things, and vintage rip offs. (cute just the same) I like to watch their sales, because often you can get linens, and napkins, for great prices... And then I take them home cut them up etc... you know. get crafty with them...

Well, these hand towels caught my eye. They're so soft! And after taking my Matisse quilt as a picnic blanket to the park, I realized I need a thin, easily rolled up blanket for such excursions...

So, I bought three packs, of three hand towels, and have sewn them together. And will throw a simple backing on it, that I can whip up quickly and take a long for those little trips when you need to just spread out and sit on the grass, curb, etc.

So much for not starting anymore quilts before summer... I may need to count up my UFO's. I was so good about getting the others finished, I must have about another least...

Hmm, I guess this is about done.
This is a piece Shelly sent me to quilt and finish for a little swap we did.
One last sneak peak, and it's off to the P.O.!

My nutty dogs... Kia, trying to sit on the 4" wide arm of the chair, and Jenny Egg messing with my pillows!

Those pillows made me think,
When you need a quick sewing fix, do you start a new project?

whip up a lap or wall quilt? embroider?

whats your quick go to project?


  1. I luv Anthropologie too. As for quick little projects, I call them itchy finger sewing. They are short, quick, and satisfying.
    My sneak-peak is freakin GORGEOUS! I can't wait for it to get here! Yipee!

  2. i am loving my 9 patch quilt along for that very reason...just a quick sewing fix. :) otherwise doll quilts are good for a quick sewing fix.

  3. When I need a sewing fix I always start a new project--usually a bag or skirt or pj pants for my little man. Something that I can get done in an afternoon for instant gratification!

    Love you hand quilting! Good job!

  4. Your doggies are adorable! My quick go-to sewing project is to make crumb blocks from my scrap box. I just start grabbing and sewing, and it is mindless fun, and I feel like I accomplish a lot.

  5. Anthropologie is a chain?!?! I didn't know that -- only been to one store and didn't know there were more. When I need a sewing fix, I usually start a new project, sigh. It's just so much fun to do that!

  6. Good idea on the hand towel quilt. Good size to throw in the car and go!

    I'm a much better started than finisher.

    Dogs are adorable, I bet the like to cuddle.

  7. I always have only one quilt going at a time, but when I need a quick fix I make a potholder or a toy. I've been going crazy making toys lately! I'm showing a monster today and a chicken last post, and next will be a bat.

  8. Quick projects - definitely bags...I like to keep a couple on hand for gifts or to put gifts in. Just to keep my hands busy though are my little embroidery projects. Right now I am "funky-ing up" a jacket for my niece.


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