Tuesday, May 19, 2009


counting down to disconnect, 3 days....

I have to say, I really did not think much about putting this quilt together. I through it together, just thinking i wanted a lap quilt to take to the cabin this weekend. I grabbed what I had close by, A little of this and a little of that... I ran out of the peach, grabbed something else, and pieced it together with scraps... I didn't plan on a design that I'd actually like! It's a happy accident. I tried a few new things with machine quilting. There are "Feather like" patterns in the yellow. Not quite what they should be, but they really finish the borders nicely. I still do not have a lot of patience when it comes to machine quilting... I started out, taking my time, and by mid way through I was zipping through it with loop de loops... and following the paint by number design on the fabric...

I know I will grow more with patience in machine quilting as I try new things.

So this is not perfect, but is there a quilt
I have made that I am
entirely happy with?

I Keep thinking the next one will be done just the way I want it to be.
But for now, This one will keep me warm, on the deck, by the lake...

Do you have a quilt that has turned out exactly the way you pictured it to be?


3 DAYS: I am counting down the days/minutes to being disconnected...
no phone, no computers, no tv...
maybe a small sewing project to take along... hmm, we'll see...

This is how I know summer is close. We get these amazing sunsets may-june-july over NYC...


  1. Your new quilt is great! I love it. How long will you be disconnected?

  2. Hi from Denmark. Following your blog and watching all the fancy things that are not exactly Danish :-) I always have a lot of trouble on choosing the right colors, valeurs and so on. I am definately gonna try the happy accident - I might be addicted to it. Happy disconnecting :-)

  3. The quilts take warm the heart before as the body! When do you come back to tecnology? :-)

  4. V, Your feathers look FABULOUS! Well done, girlfriend! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Lovely quilt, and the quilting is beautiful too, great feathers!

    Never had one of my own quilts turn out exactly how I thought, the quilting changes them in character so much, best bit is when they are so much nicer than you expected!

    Fantastic pic of NYC, I love sunsets! Have a great technology free time.

  6. I'm heading to our lake cottage tonight to get things ready for the weekend. Home tomorrow evening, then back on Friday when the kids get out of school. I too am so looking forward to the time away!! We too have no tv, no landline phone, and no internet! It is a nice break. Have a great time - I hoping I will too!!

    btw... no I don't have a quilt that has turned out just as I planned. Nothing I do usually turns out the same in reality as it does in my mind!!!

  7. Wow, awesome quilt! By the time you are snuggling under it at your cabin I bet you'll stop noticing whatever imperfections you think it has now. I think it looks terrific and PERFECT for deck sitting. Enjoy!

  8. Oh that sounds perfect! And I think I see canoes at the lake. Enjoy!

    Your quilt turned out great!!! That is the answer for large print fabric. Awesome!

  9. The sunset is gorgeous and I wish I were spending the weekend next to a lake....lucky you!!!! Have fun!

  10. Snuggle up and enjoy your time tech free but I will miss you. Have a great time. Janet

  11. Love the quilt! And I'm envious that you have a lake to go to! There's one in my family, but it's mostly my sister's... so I guess I'm lucky I have one to go to. I just wish I could go more often. I do almost all my quilty work by the grab and go method. Then people say, "oh you have such an eye for color." I always kind of laugh and think - well that's what was handy and nearby, so I grabbed it. I'm with you on the machine quilting... don't have the patience for sweating over it.

  12. I didn't realize you were coming to MN. Where's your lake? It was pretty warm here today (close to 90) and will be warmer tomorrow. But you know MN, it could be 40 by Friday. Who knows.

  13. here's hoping your trip is perfect!

  14. I've given up having a set idea of what a quilt will look like when I am finished. I'm lucky if it has the same fabrics in it when I am done as the pile I started with!

    Enjoy your quiet time at the lake. We are headed up to the mountains for a few days...

  15. I really like it, and think your quilting turned out pretty good! The binding really brings it all together too. :-)
    You've been so busy getting ready. I hope everything goes perfectly.

  16. I love the accidental quilt. Have a great time in MN and take lots of pics (see how I'm trying to take a free vacation via you?).

  17. That sunset is beautifull!!!!
    Hope you have a great day. :o}


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