Thursday, May 14, 2009

fun projects

Just fun little projects going on around here... My girl, B, who hates shopping actually walked by a store and saw this dress on the right, and loved it. We went in to look at it, and for $168 you could take it home.
So i went yesterday, and, in my hood this is the kind of fabric you can find...

So, for $12 a yard, I picked up a yard of the gold poly crepe, and made one of her favorite simple dress patterns.

It took minutes to make, she loves it , and wants to add a Gold silk flower ($5.99) at the cinched waist ...Total cost $18. Yaa HOO!!

She had also requested a gum drop pillow (amy butler pattern)
and she picked out two sets of fabrics, this red one for her room here in NYC, and

This black quilted nylon! It's pretty Cool I have say that's my favorite!
They are super easy to make too, my only problem has been trying to find NATURAL stuffing.
the poly fill just does not keep it s shape well... So I may have to order that to find them properly...

Jenny Egg was already eyeing it for a dog bed... good luck!


  1. Tres Chic! Love that dress, but the gumdrop pillows are wayyyy too fun.
    You guys are very creative (and thrifty).

  2. You are a clever and crafty woman! And B's flower at the waist would be a perfect addition.

  3. Very Cool! That is what I love about sewing!

  4. Wow! Your innovation in impressive and the pillows are cute too. By the way what are you quilting these days?

  5. Do you know of any sheep farms? From Brown Sheep in NE, you can order Ends from their spinning for pretty cheap( I use them for my shepherd's rugs). Or are you looking for cotton? I imagine cotton spinning mills(none in my area!) would have similar seconds for good pricing.

    Regardless--always fun to see how very busy you are! Haven't even begun my Matisse Quilt, but will at some point, in the future!

  6. nice job on the dress! and what a huge cost savings. :)


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