Wednesday, May 27, 2009

project clean up

Everyday I say I won't start any new projects... so I start to clean and I find some fabric, and think, ooh! that's cool, that's would be great with this! and the next thing I have another one started... (like I did last night, below)

Sounds familiar right?

About 2 years ago I started the above project. I just found it!
It was 4 blocks I made to become a lap quilt...

Each block stands for where we come from in our family, and how we've come together to make a family. Minnesota, Scotland/England & China, and New York (where we all live together)

I had embroidery transfers for Minnesota, and New York, and I drew up China and Scotland, which I did
right away, on airplane trips... Embroidery is not a favorite thing for me... now the other two sit here...

So I have a call of help...

Like to Embroider?

Anyone wanna swap?

I'll send you my two blocks I need to embroider to return to me, and I will swap something with you. You could send me some scraps and

I'll make you a little quilt like I did with Shellyquilts ,

or I can make you a pillow case, like
these. You pick.

This is one of the many projects I'd like to finish!
(before I dive into all these projects below!)




  1. I'm horrible at embroidery so I won't be volunteering but I wanted to say that the two you did were fantastic! I especially love the China one--I LOVE pandas!

    I also have a bad habit of starting new projects when I have multiple projects I haven't finished. I think they call it crafty ADD :)

  2. Oh, how I wish I knew how to embroider! But I skipped that badge in girls club, and now I am feeling the pain. I would have loved to have one of your works of art. Oh, well. At least I can empathize with the age old problem of distraction from an original plan of action!

  3. very clever request, but unfortunately it won't work with me, since embroidery is not my thing either. but I might consider it if you layer and baste the stack of quilt tops weighing me down over here in Winnipeg. I do understand the burden of unfinished projects. as a former garment sewer with many mistakes and half-finished projects hidden in bags and boxes, I feel that sometimes the process is wha counts. sometimes it is worth just walking away from something, or passing it on to someone else to have fun with. I like your embroidery project -- I'm sure some generous quiltmaker good with an embroidery needle will help you on. Perhaps we should have a little swap of unfinished projects online in blogland?

  4. i don't embroider, either. i love seeing all your projects in progress, though. it's eye candy! (for me, not necessarily for you, i'm sure.)

    i have been starting a lot of projects lately. it's not a good path to start down...but fun all the same.

  5. I'll embroider those blocks for you if you'd like. I have a long flight coming up to California and those could come along to keep me occupied. Would you be willing to do a couple of words for my Tonya-like quilt? I want to do one with things you find in a bakery..(one of my favorite places!)

  6. Yeah, I would like to do your embroideries. I love it and I am not too bad! Danish understatement, I think.

  7. I don't embroider either. I actually swapped projects with another quilter so she would do my embroidery for me! And it worked out well.

    I'm also cleaning up the quilt studio, and getting distracted by "found" projects. I made two blocks the other day for a quilt that's been in process for years, rather than just put it back. Can you say "procrastinate"?? *grin* I wish you luck.

    Now, back to the quilt studio for me for more cleanup!

  8. Looks like you've got some embroidery offers there! Good luck! Your trip looks like it was fantastic!

  9. I don't embroider either but you have a few offers so that is good!
    Looks like you have a LOT of WIPS!
    Great pictures from your trip.

  10. Oh what like minds we have with those projects on the go! I thought I learnt a long time ago I don't do embroidery. Until recently sorting out my stuff I found a beautiful long oriental panel I had embroidered... at least 20 years ago! It remains unfinished! Maybe one day! I like the idea of a blogland UFO swap, though!

  11. Good idea! What is that on your design wall (bottom center)?
    It looks like your African inspired blue and white is coming along too. Are you sure you're going to be able to go all summer without a sewing machine? You are giving me itchy sewing fingers. I think I'll go sew. I have just the thing in mind. Happy sewing!

  12. Sounds like you alreadyhave some offers. I'm fascinated with the design wall though. Are those Madonnas for a project in the future. Madonnas are something I would like to work with sometime
    Is the triangle going to be a Heaven and Earth quilt? If will be gorgeous. I saw it one someone's blog in greens and blues-fabulous.
    How can you go all summer without a machine and a mission???

  13. All your projects are so beautiful and creative! I love looking at all the great photos ~ so inspirational!!

  14. Just read your blog and maybe you have got offers for doing embroidery. I am happy to HELP! I do lots embroidery work and combine with my quilts.

    let me know if you need help in the future.



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