Monday, May 25, 2009

back to the big apple

A whole lotta fishin' and relaxin'
We had such a nice time in MN. If you can believe this, we all got sun burned!
Hanging in the sun which just felt so good, zippin' around the lake on the little boat, grilling some grub, playing with friends and family. What priceless fun.

I had a hard time picking out some photos to show.
So if you care to see more click HERE.

When we bought the cabin, I pretty much decorated the whole thing from local antique shops and ebay. I have three quilts that I have picked up in shops in the area, and would you believe I have never paid more that $25 for any of these? I can't stand seeing quilts in antique stores, I feel the love that went into them, and how can you NOT buy them for $25?? I love all three of them.

The top one, has two names embroidered into it. Sadie Treat and Evelyn Cline. It's quilted so nicely, I love the simple circles. It's so soft I can barley stand it.

The orange one, well that one, is etched in my brain. When I try to think of something to make, that quilt and the ORANGE pops into my head. it's just the nicest color, and great fabrics...Well, It is my favorite color, that may have something to do with it.

The last one, with brown pink, yellow and aqua, is so sweet. I often think of remaking that quilt in the same colors... Just to have another... there has to be so many stories in these quilts, I adore them. Hoping to keep the memories coming!

Lovin' that BIG Prairie Sky!
Every time I make it to the cabin, I get these amazing shots on this hill. Last year two big jets came across the sky making a huge "V" in the air... Felt like my lucky day!

And lastly, some local color. The pelicans that come around every morning, stick together in a tight little group and scoop up all the fish... I took many pictures, and most of them are all pelican butts... You get the idea.
Then, on a trip to the DQ, every year we see the geese crossing the busy road... but this year, we saw all the babies too. Have no fear, the traffic stops for the little cuties! Beep Beep!

Now to gear up for my sweet B's big bday Friday. My how time does fly... sigh.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your time here in MN! Love the photos (especially your quilts)!

  2. I love your photos! And those old quilts are precious - I'm so glad you rescued them from the antique store...and possibly someone that would cut them up to make something else with them. The thought of that just makes me shudder!

    Glad you and your family had such a wonderful time. It's always a good thing to get away from the city and re-connect with nature, isn't it? Looks like you were in a beautiful place. And that sunset is to die for!

  3. What a great get away! Amazing quilts, how terrific to have them even on vacation.

  4. Happy your time was so good! The pics are fantastic and the quilts are sweet and lovely. But now happy you are come back!

  5. Ank-you Thay OrFay Ethay IcksPay!
    Tee Hee....I suddenly was transported to back to an early summer in Mn at the lake speaking Pig Latin and believing that finally we had a language the old fogeys couldn't understand. Ahhhhhhh!

  6. Love the photos of the cabin and quilts. I checked out the rest of the pics and they were wonderful. What a great place. Enjoy the birthday planning.

  7. What fun decorating your cabin with local finds. Those quilts are just amazing and a steal at less than $25 a piece! Great finds.

  8. Looks like a great time was had by all! Your vintage quilts are wonderful! I don't know which one I like best--not that you asked. :-) Love them!

  9. Looks like a wonderful and relaxing time.

    So glad you've rescued those quilts - I know what you mean about feeling sad for them. But now they are loved and happy again *s*

  10. Oh V it looks beautiful out there, I was relaxed just looking at the photos. Love the quilts, can't believe how cheap, I can never find anything under $100 in Colorado....that's why I need to start making my own.
    Send xoxoxo to B!!!
    Enjoy the Big Apple, I miss it :(

  11. I spent the weekend in MN, too--Red Wing, Stillwater, and St. Paul. Was the weather not gorgeous?!? Love the quilts, exspecially the one with the orange border...


  12. Reminds me of our time at Silver Lake above Lake George. Nothing like the peace of a lakeside evening.
    Glad you had a great time.

  13. It is fun to travel with you through your photos. Glad you had such a great time.

  14. Oh, you're gone already?? Didn't we provide you with the most lovely weather?? It was PERFECT. Love your pictures. And those quilts! $25!! Dang.. the great ones I've seen in antique stores are at least $100. I keep hoping to find a treasure like you found. Gorgeous. I looked up Nest Lake and realized about where you were. Here's something to comfort you... if you ever get a serious eye injury while at the cabin, the area ophthamologist who helps you out could very well be a friend of mine! Now you can relax.

  15. Absolutely loved the pics...especially those of the sunset-just magical. Looks like you guys had a great made my day by posting them -its a great reminder of how stunning nature really is (you tend to forget that in the city)


  16. i love all the photos from MN. LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilts! and for less than $25?!?!? money well spent, for sure!


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