Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday stuff

design sponge, one of my favorite blogs to scroll through for eye candy... go check out this post.
Ann wood makes these little horses out of cardboard.. you can download the patterns. I saw it and thought!
ah ha!
B's birthday is Friday, and the horse nut that she is, perfect! so, I may not have started a new quilt today, (!!! for real!)

BUT, I had to make one of these horses. except you know what I did?

I used fusible webbing, laid it to the paper then the fabric, and ironed the fabric to the paper... then cut the pieces out.
I'm going to make a few more, (maybe not a 100 like she did) decorate them up, and maybe arrange them in a picture frame or maybe make them into a modern mobile.... depends on the time...
so cute!

Thanks to Siobhan, we're doing a little swap to get my embroidery done and I can do some letters for her. yeah! I'm so excited to have that project on its way to being finished!
Out of all the bags of projects laying around here, that one was pretty special.

Thank you to Inger for offering also, your comment was a "no reply" so i couldn't reach you!

It's amazing what a little spring cleaning will dig up in a messy quilters studio!

Speaking of amazing, Mal of turning*turning, did a paper collage up above, to go along with the quilts we did inspired by the Matisse painting!
how cool is that? I love how it went together. Great eye. the bridge in the window. Very clever blog. go check it out.

See the other quilts from the old post here.


  1. What a nice horses!...good idea for a gift and for other project. I will download it immediately! Thanks.

  2. Those horses are going to be cute whatever you do with them. I luv the Matisse inspired piece done in paper, especially the couch. Cute stuff! Have fun tomorrow.

  3. Those horses are wonderful. I printed out the tutorial so I could make some with my nieces for their rooms...they are a bit horse crazy just like their aunt!


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