Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NYC views

Sometimes, I wish I had a camera strapped to my eyes, as I walk around NYC... I see so many crazy things...

This is not an artwork...

Well, Maybe it is, ...
by a very talented Robin red breast...

I think the shredded paper gives it a real
glamorous feeling for this little

Pied à Terre

don't 'cha think?

And lastly, I don't know why I didn't get a picture...
I had a lovely lunch with my Amy of commonplace today.
How cool is that!

She said I should ride up on the Harley one a laugh...

Careful what you wish for, I just might have to do that!

I'm always looking for an excuse to ride!


  1. I love cities -- so much to see! My DD2 is moving to NYC this fall, so exciting.

  2. Great photos! Love that bird nest. Looks like the builders were really having fun collecting materials!

  3. I see photo ops everywhere I go, especially when I do not have my camera with me!

    Love the bird nest. Very artistic, appropriate for a nest in NYC.

  4. What fun those two must have had dressing up like that! Talk about confidence or is it....
    I put out dryer fluff in the spring and the robins just grab it and take off...
    Good stuff today..

  5. I keep thinking about how nice it was to have lunch with you yesterday. Not in a creepy-stalker-way. Just in a glad-to-know-you-way.

  6. We lived in NYC for over 3 years. I took my camera everywhere & by the time we left...I had thousands & thousands, maybe millions of pics!!!


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