Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday Finishes

I have a question for you hand quilters out there... I am pretty new to hand quilting, and I am trying to get more adventurous...

I am working on the red Matisse quilt, and quilting the borders
of the quilt which is a very busy pattern...
I have tried several thread colors to get the quilting design to show, Black, navy blue, green, and I settled on white,
But although you can sort of see it in the picture it really does disappear in the pattern...

Any advice? thoughts? both on choosing the thread color, and about a pattern on pattern....

thanks. I'm sort of stuck on this...

The Baby bear paw quilt is done and ready for it's donation... Friends of mine are hosting a charity event for a group helping local kids in foster care through the arts...
If anyone is interested in the NYC area in attending the event on June 7th. let me know I'll get you connected. There will be a silent auction, and many wonderful things raffled off...

For more info about the event go to

The Monster King sized STACKED quilt is done...
That machine quilting went on forever!

Happy Friday!


  1. More beauty!

    Happy birthday Mr. Bumble Beans - hope you love your new quilt!

  2. Beauteous job on the Huge Quilt.

    Your handquilting it looking nice. I have never had any luck with the pattern showing up good on printed fabric though. So usually I save my fancy pictures for soild places, and just do straight lines in the areas that have large print.. no matter what color of thread.. because those little bits of white in your fabric are kinda hiding the white stitches I see.

  3. All of your quilts are beautiful! and I wouldn't worry about your hand stitching...I think it looks great! Just keep doing what you love...Its working for you!

  4. Re hand quilting: I've got the best results with contrasting thread on a solid. But what you're doing is fine, and when it's done, the texture will show beautifully. Congrats on some great quilts!

  5. Whew! You've been busy. I had trouble finding a thread that would show up that fabric also. I finally went with a yellow-gold thread. The stacked coins looks great and you got it finished in plenty of time! I'm thoroughly impressed. Happy quilting!

  6. Hi,
    When I want my quilting to show up I free draw the lines and then echo them either in a few lines of the same color perle 8 or in a variety of colors. It makes a great impact. kathy d

  7. I'll say ditto to the fact that the quilting is just not going to show up as much on a multicolor print as they do on fabrics that read more solid. BUT you can try threads that look really outrageous on the spool, like neon colors. Once you get a single thread against the quilt it's not overwhelming but does show. You just have to audition them. Good luck!

  8. Whenever I quilt something that has that flowers or pattern all over effect I usually quilt baptist fans or simply outline the design itself-each flower, each paisley, etc. Also used an all over diamond patern on one. Quilting just gets lost on those busy pieces and it seems like a lot of work for little effect. The baptist fans look great on that type of quilt.
    Birthday wishes to Mr. BB
    Think it will ever stop raining???

  9. The rather common advice on hand quilting is to save fancy/intricate quilting patters for solids...

  10. Nice handquilting! I find white a perfect color. When you remove the pen marks, is will show up nicely! Lovely work. Maria In Denmark.

  11. I've never hand-quilted, but I am in agreement with all the comments. I love the quilt and your quilting stitches might not show, but they will provide wonderful texture once the quilt is washed and dried. I love that quilt and think your stitches are just fine.

  12. Before purchasing my longarm machine I was a handquilting snob, I quilted for people when my children were young for extra $$$$$.

    I believe that the quilting is there to enhance a quilt not compete with a quilt unless it is a wholecloth, that is just my opinion...... I generally match the fabric I am quilting on so I won;t compete with the quilt design. Ronda K Beyer

  13. See what happens when you ask for an opinion...almost as many comments as a give-away! About the only way to get the quilting to show up on that background is to use contrasting thread at least a #8 and use larger stitches. It did make me pause many folks used to ask how to make the stitches smaller and less noticeable! If it is only the quilting design you want to be more distinct it will show up more after the quilt is washed and the batting shrinks up a bit (no matter what size your stitch is!)

  14. with fabric that busy the quilting is pretty much just not going to show up - and it's not like you want to fight that fabric anyway. it's the star. consider this space to practice your handquilting. looks great!


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