Tuesday, May 5, 2009

challenge quilts

I'm trying a few new things myself around here... APPLIQUE... It's never been my thing, but I found this old piece of fabric in my stash, sort of a shiny damask, with this great flower, filigree repeat, that I wanted to try something new... I figure it will be a good project to work on over the summer...

I also tried some serious piecing... it makes my brain hurt... I may finish this one, and never do another... I just don't feel my creative stride working on things like this.

Although I LOVE the way they look when someone else does them! I envy people who can do this kind of work... I'd love to say I made one.
But not sure I have it in me...

Oh, and the fabric is donated, very generously, from
Stacy @
Pixiedust fabrics, I will be making some donation quilts from it,
stay tuned, I may have a call to help.... ;-)

Shelly and I have done a little swap. She asked me to send her a little piece to quilt, and in return she sent me something to quilt... If you haven't seen what I sent her, and she returned to me, go see the pictures at her blog, you can click her images and see better the quilting... Her machine quilting is pretty amazing!

And for now, i am hand quilting her little piece, but I am not giving any sneak peaks, it may take me a bit to finish it...


Here's a follow up to those who made the three minute challenge quilts with me...
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out.

I am very I pressed by all your quilting styles. And think it's pretty cool to see them all together to see what bits touched us all.

I get it's not everyone taste in quilting, It's an exercise. And I applaud those of you who gave it a whirl!

below left to right is: Dagmar, Shelly
below that is:
Dionne and Shiobhan
below that, Mine & the inspiration picture

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