Friday, May 22, 2009

Gone fishing

Have a great long weekend! See you online Tuesday!

last thoughts...We've watched this building go up on 23rd St and Madison ave... Visually it's interesting, but very creepy! Those are actually floor gaps all the way up... looks very precarious!
Remember that game Jenga?? Where you take a piece out and hope the
structure doesn't fall over?
I'm having a flashback...

Below is a piece that is being left on my design wall... I'm still playing with it...
As a kid I was very much moved by Amish quilts, I think that style still shows up in my quilts...
But I am also very drawn to African Textiles. And after that show at the MET last month, the patterns and designs still stick in my brain... So even thought I said no more quilts... I have two on my wall now. (but the other is not ready for a peak...)

I was at the city quilter a while ago, and I always check there sale fabrics. I found the two prints in the border below... Colors are a little bright in a gaudy sort of way, but I was totally drawn to them.

I've had Tonya's voice in my head from when I left her house in Florida in march, try more solids! she said...
See how all these ideas/things comes together!


  1. Have a perfect trip. Love the quilt. And I think you mean Jenga!

  2. I'm off for a long weekend too in San Diego. Its Jack's birthday and we have tickets to Cubs game (he was born in Chicago) Brights are great and I should take a clue from Tonya too and try more solids.

  3. Perfect. Perfect.

    Have a good break.


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