Thursday, May 21, 2009

one more day!

Moody Blues

Shelly rcv'd her little swap quilt I did for her yesterday, so now I can show it! She made the inner blue square, and i added the borders and touches, and then hand quilted it... Her machine quilting is amazing so I wasn't going to try to do that!
I've been trying very hard to be more creative with hand quilting... Small pieces are definitely easier to do so on... I had a hard time STOPPING working on this little one... it was fun to work on something for someone else, and it most definitely got me to try new things and push the boundaries.

One more day and we are off to the cabin Friday to Monday night in MN... The lake is Nest lake. Just a little slip of a thing, neighboring a much larger lake, green lake. It's all very quaint, and I am looking forward to enjoying time away from NY.

I won't be gone all summer though! some comments thought I was off til Sept... nope...

I boogie out of the city apartment, to go to our weekend home outside of the city... I know it sounds all fancy, but sometimes, the NYC rat race can wear you down...

So many people live in a tiny apartment in they city and have a house out of the city for weekends and summers to get away...

So as of June 5th, I will be at our house for the rest of the summer, and I will be online.

I just won't be quilting as much, because ...

1. all my machines are in the city, and
2.who really wants a big quilt on your lap in the hot summer?

well, not me anyway... I don't know how you folks do it in Florida etc... But I treasure those warm days to much, and want to be outside in the garden working, or going to the beach, painting, drawing, cooking etc...

But for now, me and my family get a chance to be away from TV, computers, phones, at our tiny little one bedroom cabin...

B gets to run outside without being attached to us 24 hours a day. (Something that does not happen in NYC, or at our house for that matter.)

We BBQ, fish, relax, have bonfires, play, ride bikes, boat rides, go to the DQ, and visit with friends... then collapse at night from all the fresh air!

Ahhh. sounds like heaven.


  1. what a cute little quilt. Have a wonderful summer!

  2. V, The pictures look great, almost as good as the real thing. Great job, I luv it! Enjoy your weekend at the lake. I'll be thinking of you when I'm sitting by the Blanco river swatting mesquitos, yelling at my kids, and drinking an adult beverage with one of my oldest friends. Have fun!

  3. Knotty Pine walls....boy, does that bring back memories! I'll miss you go and rest and have big fun. See you when you get back.

  4. what a great way to spend this long weekend!
    Enjoy your trip and I hope she enjoys her freedom
    oh Yes quilting little quilts allows you the freedom to play! I think .
    have a great weekend!

  5. I love your quilt, the hand quilting really looks fabulous. Your friend is very lucky to receive such a lovely quilt! Have fun in MN!

  6. That's how summer's s'pose to be! Have a great time, as if you need someone to tell you!

  7. beautiful quilt! great hand work. have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  8. That does sound heavenly! Enjoy!

    Love this little quilt!

  9. sounds like a perfect weekend getaway-and a wonderful new quilt to take along and snuggle under-well done. glad to hear you will be online while you are "away" this summer. I am sure some sewing will happen despite all the other fun stuff you have in mind. I really like the handquilting you did on Shellys quilt.


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