Saturday, May 9, 2009

cleanup time

I spent most of the day yesterday, finishing up projects that have been sitting here. One project I have been gathering up has been pillow covers from all the little hand quilting tests I've been doing... I quite like the back as much as the front... I just over lapped the fabrics so you can easily slip in the the pillows...
Mother's day is here...& here sits my mothers gift, the purple/gold star pillow... Sorry mom! It's in the mail Monday...

B had designed another block way back in Feb. She did a little bit of hand quilting on it for the first time! That was so sweet. So that was made into a pillow too. Hers is in the top photo, with blue, gold and green wavy fabrics, plaid and pink corners.

My new machine had to go in for a cleaning, I broke 6 needles the day before trying to finish that king size quilt... thought that was weird... So I'm machine less for a few days, and hopefully I can get the stacks of stuff put away.
Monday will be a serious cleaning day...

We've had so much rain here, but at our house, the grass is finally GREEN, and trees are blooming, and flowers are up, and so are the weeds in my garden! ack! that's were I'll be today...

**Thanks for the hand quilting advice everyone! I gave my fingers a break this week a bit, and hope the next couple weeks I will be finishing that quilt...

Time to go run between the rain drops.

What's your weekend plans?


  1. Great little pillows! I can't wait for the rain to let up just enough to finish the projects on the back porch...

  2. Cute pillows! They look gerat! Stay dry and enjoy your weekend!

  3. Well what a great idea for practicing hand quilting....covers for pillows. I have so many in my great room at the cottage...would be fun!
    Yours are a good inspiration!
    We have green weather in the making also. Rain and more rain which is keeping us in the city for a few days...

  4. Good idea on the pillows and you are very lucky that miss B likes to design things too!

    YES I've been riding, the weather has bounced in and out of beautiful. Was able to ride to/from work most of last week. Thru the summer riding is my main transportaion rather than just for scenic rides and I DO need to take some time out for those soon, but the mountains are still a bit chilly.


    I hope your Juki comes back to you all ready to sew another million stitches. Wouldn't it be cool if these things had stitch counters on them!?

    Happy Mother's Day.

    Hugs, C


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