Sunday, May 10, 2009

think green


What started as a gloomy Saturday with thunderstorms, opened up to a beautiful day. So much so I got to plant my garden without sweating to death! it was perfect, and the rain helped get all the weeds out!

It was a lovely weekend, and a fabulous Mother's day.
Absolutely NO COOKING...

Even though I love to cook, its' a real treat to not have to
think about it all day!

Hope yours was great!


  1. I love the way your garden is laid out! So glad you enjoyed your day...

  2. Where do you have your garden?

  3. now that is a garden. aiyee, what a lot of work, but glad it was easier for you today!

  4. It looks like an old Victory garden. Very pretty. Oh yes don't we love the greening of the season.

  5. Is this your summer place? It looks like a wonderful change of pace from city life to country.

  6. Beautiful garden spot. Please tell us what all you grow and whereabouts it's located or the zone.
    Thanks for sharing!


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