Monday, May 4, 2009

Carni dolls

Carni doll Fabric!

I finally played a bit on spoonflower yesterday...

I collect vintage carnival doll prizes...(and other odd ball things)
They sit and stare at me all day from behind my computer...
I love the sprayed out colors, and funky shapes... so I thought I'd play and see what I came up with....

Can't wait for it to come in the mail!

It might make some fun tote bags, beside a really funky picnic blanket!

I love how doll heads with the swirls of hair on top turned out...

It's sort of addicting to come up with a set bunch of fabrics...
Definitely a fun thing to try once...

Anyway, Back to finishing that king size... my fingers are numb, and I've now had my break... back at it!


  1. Wasn't it fun? I love all of your fabrics!

  2. Oh, my, I'd forgotten about those things. They all look familiar!
    Thanks for a walk down memory lane!

  3. This is amazing.. how you made the fabric from them. LOVE it! And yes.. the first thing I thought of was a bag!

  4. Now I get it. You designed these fabrics and are having them printed!?! I love them. The dolls are ceramic right? I recognize the bottom left head as the inspiration for a contemporary female ceramic artist featured at AMOCA, my sister's museum.

  5. Spoonflower is great fun, isn't it? The one with the swirly-haired heads is my favorite. :-)

  6. Oh wow...looks like fun...I want to play!

  7. What a fun activity. I can't imagine what kind of fabric I would make. Your carnival dolls are a lot of fun.
    PS - I'm ALMOST done with Matisse. I got carried away and...

  8. You've been a busy, busy quilter while I've been away! You always have about a thousand projects up your sleeve.

    Fun solution to the hair dilemma...and great Carni fabric!

    Hope you are doing well this busy, busy month! (If I remember correctly, B's b-day is soon...and therefore you'll be short-hair lady soon too?)


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