Sunday, May 3, 2009

quilting...and quilting....and...

I'm machine quilting today the king size Stacked quilt I mentioned a week ago... Can't put it off any longer...

I have about a third of the red Matisse Quilt hand quilted! I can't believe it... makes me very happy. I can't wait to finish it, wash it, and snuggle in it!

I had one block left over from the mod sampler I did last week, so I am practicing my hand quilting and turning it into a pillow...

Tonya was so awesome in showing me what great hand quilting looks like. So I'm trying to be more adventurous in that department...

I tried so many different borders on these old blocks, but I keep coming back to the HOT pink... LOUD as it is... I think it might work...

I'm trying really hard NOT to start any more quilts this month... I'm not sure I will be able to do that... I do have a stack of fabric picked out for something else... ** sigh. **
Perhaps just one more before summer...


Something to focus on every day....


  1. Your Matisse quilt is coming along great. Nothing beats the feel on a hand quilted quilt.

  2. Whoa -- machine quilting a king size quilt on a DSM? Good luck! I've never tried anything that big. You might need to start a new project just for comfort. (See, you can always find an excuse...)

  3. Well, if you start a new quilt, you might feel better about your summer projects! You wouldn't want to run out, afterall!

  4. I just love the red. It makes me happy to look at it.

  5. You can't leave me hanging.....


    An advertisement for WHAT?

    a message from WHO?

  6. I have to say.. that hand quilting is my favorite. You are doing wonderful. And you can take that with you. wink wink.

    Yes. That hot pink does it. Crazy!

  7. Do love the hot pink with the orange in the blocks. Not too much. Hand quilting is so relaxing. It takes longer but the reward is worth it.

  8. thank you, I blush. your hand quilting looks great! I sure wouldn't hand quilt a king-size either!

  9. The red quilt is soooo RED !!!...I love it! It is a colour very much associated with our Chinese culture.


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