Tuesday, April 28, 2009

...wednesday...blah blah blah

B got a skirt out of that dress fabric too!

First off, There were so many good comments yesterday!
Everyone had such different thoughts about it. I enjoyed reading all of them!

Christine had the best idea.

B and I, and my mother in the past have donated to Locks for Love, and I will do that again, but the thing she said that really got me was, Take B ot the salon, and let her cut off the pony tail!
Genius you are Christine!

When B got home, I said "I was thinking about cutting my hair again."
and she started to contort her face into that whine, and tears, until I said,
"BUT! I will let you cut off the pony tail!"
" Yep, I said how does that sound! "
She said, "Can you cut it off for my birthday!?"


So much for worrying about that Mommy guilt... sigh... :-)

Onto something else now...

I had cut awhile back a whole load of hexagons, and these were the scraps left over from them.
I started sewing the itty bitty scraps together, and then it started to grow...

Funny thing, this is how I clean my studio.

I start to clean, and then think, HMMMM, I could do something with those itty bitty scraps... and a bit later, I've got a baby quilt on the wall...

Don't know anyone who needs one, but the fabrics just screamed baby quilt...

I thought I was making a pillow.

oh well.

Boring. I need to spruce it up a bit. It's way to easy and uninteresting...
But it was fun while it lasted.
Will see if I ever finish it...

Yesterday I took a walk after tae kwon do, across town, to the city quilter. I needed to pick up something B had seen there that she mentioned months ago she might like for her Birthday coming up... (punch needle embroidery) does anyone do this?

Of course I try to just go and BUY what I intend, but I always end up with a little extra... fabric. sigh. I only look at the sale rack. ( like thats suppossed to make me feel better...

On my walk these are a few pics from my walk...
Today's theme, is,
From experience with Pigeons on traffic lights, and pigeon poo,)
(don't stand underneath,)
Today's theme, is,

"Always look up."

So many people walk around here looking at their
hand/blackberry/ipod/iphones, that they miss so much!
Anywho ha. Here's some random pics I took tuesday...

And lastly, the Nothing But kisses quilt sold and it turns out, a friend of mine bought it! He got a great deal I have to say. Anyhow, I know it will be put to good use, (the quilt and the $$ raised) so it all works out in the end.
Thanks again, you WONDERFUL people who helped out!


  1. There is aCharity cause collecting quilts for the children (3-6) who lost everything in the earthquake in Italy. The info is on simplyninepatch.blogspot.com
    Just an idea.....

  2. Hey V, I luv the skirt you made for B. Was she thrilled that y'all matched? But the really interesting thing is how easy it was to redirect her from your hair. They just make you shake your head and smile.
    The baby quilt is cute and I'm sure you will come up with something to give it your special zing. Happy sewing!

  3. The skirt's great! And I'm sure B will love cutting off your hair! Just because it's just squares and rectangles doesn't make it boring. If you quilt it up it would be a great charity blanket for those mountain babies!

  4. Maybe a few appliques on it would shake it up a bit? It's kinda spooky how often we are working on similar stuff. Last weekend I made about 26 blocks like your center block. "Crumbs" as Bonnie Hunter calls them. I used up all the smallest pieces of purple, pink, green and yellow in my crumb bin. Feels good to clean out one little tiny corner of my stash!

  5. Your blah blah is so much more interesting than mine.
    B looks so great! She's going to be a knockout.

  6. Love the pics, as always and B is rockin that skirt! Question: on the second to last picture, it looks as if there is a really skinny red fronted building between 2 others. Is that so? Those apartments must be only one room per floor. I'll be thinking about that building all day.
    sign me, overly curious.

  7. That IS a good idea! Both my girls donated their hair to Locks of Love this year and felt really good about it! Plus their hair looks great and is SO EASY now!
    PS - Great city pics!

  8. Love the skirt and the girl inside too...and as always the pics of your city. Your smiling and expressive face can support very well a short hair cut but the question is: do you feel yourself like that? ...Yes?...so go!

  9. Great solution. My daughter-in-law donated her hair. What a great cause. Your daughter is so cute!

  10. You are so cute! If I could look that knock-em-dead gorgeous with hair an inch long, I'd shave it off in a minute. Love your reminder to look up. Think I'll do that, too.

  11. I love when you post pictures of NYC.


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