Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday rambles

I whipped up a few potholders and oven mitts today to send off for a fundraiser for little buddy Owen...

That's one thing off the list!

I think I might need to make a quilt out of the scraps I used for these. they look so darn cute.

Oh! And the Nothing But Kisses quilt Auction (click here)ends today!!! Get over there and bid! Someone is going to get a great quilt for not a lot of money...

Trying to get this Stacked quilt done... It's a king size! I'm sort of dreading quilting it...


On a different note, Mary over at Mary Quilts asked whether you dye your hair or not last week, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it...

Recently a friend sent me this picture on the Left. It's me 15 years ago.
I had just moved to NYC,and I shaved my head. Yep. A Britney Spears moment... new place, new look, new start...(and it just felt so good!)
Hair is such baggage! Highly over rated.

Now that it's getting hot again, I get tempted to cut it off again AND maybe be able to stop dyeing my hair, and let it be my natural (the gray steak in my hair on the right pic)
My hairdresser swears I will hate it and look old. But i like the idea of being young, gray and hopefully peppered with a little bit of wisdom. A Georgia
O'Keefe sort of look. Happy with the way I am look.

I mentioned this to my daughter and she broke down in tears...

SOBS... huge sobs.

Even though I looked like this for the first 6 years of her life... She now only thinks of me with my Long hair... And does NOT want me to do this...

I'm always cutting, coloring, doing funky things to it...mohawks, spikes, long short, shag, pink, blue etc...

I've never been one to be controlled by my hair... It's not who I am.

(Although I have many friends who admit their hair is who they are...)

this baffles me.

So the only thing that is stopping me is my daughter...
(Boy, is that co-dependent!)

Any advice out there from you other moms??

My mother will have a good ol' hoot over that one. I know I did the same to her...

So what'll I do...

That mommy guilt so much harder to deal with...

It's just hair!!!


  1. My DH had the same reaction as your daughter when I mentioned cutting my hair short and stopping coloring it. Let me know when you figure out how to deal with it...until then I am taking the path of least resistance - since my hair doesn't matter to me and it seems to matter to him he gets this one....

  2. It's your hair and she'll get used to it, but I think I agree with your hairdresser. My mom is 59 and has been dying her hair since her early 40s. When we were there for Easter, her WHITE roots were showing and I couldn't stop thinking how much older it made her look. She is not an old woman in any sense of the words. My dad, the same age still has a mostly full head of dark hair and she started dying it so she wouldn't look older than him. She now says she'll never be able to stop!

  3. Uh, is this part where I shouldn't admit that my hair is extremely important to my sense of self? Ummmmm ok, it's not. Except that it is!

    I agree with Tara about not wanting to see my mom (65) with her natural grey, it would freak me out as i've never seen her like that. As for you, go with what you feel. You have the luxury of having a pretty face so you can get away with short hair.

  4. Pink? My sister's like that...she's done black, long short, blue, braided extensions...

    Go with what you think...and break it on your family gently if necessary! :)

  5. You look so fabulous with short hair! I love it. I want you to cut it so I can live vicariously through you - because I'm too chicken to cut my hair that short. As for the gray - ugh. Eventually I'll just accept that I'm going to look old and stop dying it - but not yet.

  6. Maybe she identifies with you both having long hair and it makes her feel like you look alike? Kids do have strange reactions to hair changes. My last haircut my son thought my hair was too short and I looked "too young." Which I'm not sure is humanly possible at my age, but by some REALLY HUGE stretch of his imagination I looked too similar to some girl classmates for his liking. I got a good laugh over that and he adjusted to my haircut.

  7. Hey V, Luv the pot holders, very cute. I could probably go on ad nauseum about the quilting on your king size quilt but I will spare you today. (I'm almost finished with the stitch-in-the-ditch on my king size. Yeah!)
    I luv luv luv the short hair. Cut it, it is hair it will grow. And as for the mommy guilt? Get rid of it. It is a waste of guilt that you could use on something that truly will put your baby into therapy as an adult. Happy quilting!

  8. My husband likes my hair short ~ all three of my children like my hair long. In the end though, I want my children to see me as a role model. When they are adults I want them to be free from the hair police. So I dye my hair to my suiting and struggle with it daily (never been good with styles) I think your hair looked brilliant both ways!
    PS - still, as a mom, it's so hard not to listen to what your childrens opinions! When my youngest asked me to be skinny again, I decided it was time to hit the gym!

  9. You know I've known you with mostly short hair and I am biased because I like short! But the lady is right you have a pretty face that can pull off I think are comforted by long hair cause they can play with it. My mom's long hair was a comfort for me. I would play with her hair til I fell asleep and now my boys do that with mine.
    I love the oven mit, what great colors.

  10. Tough call, the sobs sound pretty disturbing, however you look fabulous in short hair and I personally am a short hair girl, always have been. Go for the cut, let it go grey, you can always color it and let it grow back if you don't like it or "feel old".

  11. Schedule your appointment with a stylist who will do a free cut for Locks of Love and ask the stylist if B can be the one to make the first cut.

    The hair is used to make wigs for children who have lost their own hair. My children love that my hair will help a child.

  12. You've been a busy girl. First, the fabric in the pot holders is so darn cute, yeah. Second, about the hair. I'm 61 and don't have to dye my hair (I'm sorry) but the hair does get thinner as you age. Try cutting it midway. I shorter bob would be cute and give your daughter a chance to adjust (then if you want, go all the way). My feeling is that as our face ages the "grayer" color softens our looks.

  13. I'm 54, and both my parents were hairdressers when I was growing up. My father colored my mother's hair all the time. I never saw her with her real hair color until she was 40 and left him. She was alternately "frosted" or red, or bleached blonde, but never what she was, dark brown. I swore I would never color my hair, and I never have. I have mostly black hair with some grey. But it's a pretty silver. I'd love to have it all silver, but judging from my dad who is 76 and still has some black in his grey, I might not get my wish until I am 80.

    It's only hair, and it's yours. Do whatever the hell you want with it. It will grow. You can change it. Be happy you have hair.

    Your daughter will get over it.

  14. LOVE the pretty oven mitt! Do you know where I can find the pattern?

  15. You look so good in super short hair, not many can pull it her this picture of you with her...she might change her mind.As far as the coloring, well, it does make a person look could try it and always go back to coloring if you don't like it.

  16. I love short hair. Yours looks great short!!! Mine is wavy, frizzy and i think long hair made me look older!!! As for dyeing... I have stopped for now. My dh says that is the way it is supposed to be! So, I am giving it a try. I had a friend in school whose mom was gorgeous with short gray hair!

  17. fun to see pics of you with the cute short hair. I don't see why it should be any big deal to go with your natural hair color for awhile. easy enough to dye it again. maybe magenta...

  18. I love that short cut of yours! If I thought I could carry that off I would do it in a sec. Ugh, 'doing' my hair daily just gets to OLD and time consuming. If I had a cut I loved it would be different but I am trying to grow it out.


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