Wednesday, April 29, 2009

thursday blurbs

I tried to use up most of the fabrics I had used in this project. I just wasn't so excited about them.. Thankfully I did pretty much except for this mess below!

My cutting table was such a mess... I must have 5 projects started and all the scraps are still on my cutting table. I've been saving all my scraps that I don't want in my big scrap bins. Little crumby ones... Now I have a full bag of tiny scraps.

Kathie, Your getting the bag of crumbs!
I know you can use them!

I did manage to cut all those remnants down! Woo Hoo!!! That big pile became these nice little piles.... Wow, that felt good!

I'm playing again on my wall.. I attempted to clean, and I just can't!
OOH! that's a nice fabric, oh! that will look good with this, OOOH! that's cool! Hmm, What about this, or this, or putting that there and this here...etc...etc...etc...

Can't get a thing done...

I've decided to get a bunch of tops done, and just work on machine quilting and finishes over the summer... I just can't imagine trying to lug my fabric to our house and set up shop there... I'll never have all my stuff...

I hope to get back to doing more drawing and painting in my studio there... well, and photography... I like to change things up a bit, but as long as I am creating, I am happy.

I'll be hanging with B at the Museum of Natural History
(like the movie "the night at the Museum")
all day Thursday for a field trip.

HA! I posted this late last night anticipating being gone all day...
Home after all!

B home sick. Again.



  1. What fun that would be to make a little quilt using your crumbs.
    Ah yes the inner child in me is saying pick me!
    a liberated crumb quilt would be fun.

    Love the combination of styles and fabrics in the last quilt
    great colors...
    the baby quilt is the corners really adds to the quilt in mho!

  2. I love that first one that's kind of like a blown up Bear's Paw. fun stuff. so sorry you guys missed your fun day at the museum.

  3. Hey V, I love seeing your "mess". It makes me feel better about my "mess." I like your clean up quilt on the design wall. I has that little something, something.
    I'm sorry to hear about B missing her field trip. My daughter's was Monday and she was so excited she was up at 5 am on Monday. (I say this with much contempt, because guess who she came and woke up at 5 am too.) Hope B's feeling better soon!

  4. Love the things that you're working on! I'm sorry that B is sick again and you missed the museum. Hope she's feeling better soon.

  5. That is a pretty little quilt.. will it be for donation someplace? Lots of pattern there.. ha-ha-ha!

    Love what you did with the scrap piles. I am with you.. there is just no time to clean. Good idea to get a bunch of tops donw now to take.
    And wish you would have been able to go to the museum. But with all the sickness now.. it may be better not to.. Hope B is ok.

  6. Hope B is feeling better soon. Seeing your cutting board was like looking at my own...maybe I should do some maintenance cutting today and fill up those strip boxes a bit more.

  7. great addition to the baby quilt - I love the unifying repeat of the bright pink! And today's quilt is cool too. Tell B I hope she feels better soon. Are you two watching Night at the Museum as a substitute experience??? We love it at our house.

  8. It is so nice to see I am not the only quilter making a mess. But you made something beautiful out of all those scraps. I love the before and after pictures.

  9. similar cutting area here as well- I do hope B is all better-not much fun to be home sick and miss out on the trip. It sure sounds like you have a very busy few months ahead.


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