Thursday, April 30, 2009


Not long ago I had 16 UFO's to get done. two are below, and one is the B&W build top... But geez, all of a sudden I've got these and 5 more sitting here... I think I will have enough summer sewing,
j'ya think?
Not to mention the hand sewing projects I am still working on around here...

These wonky squares have baffled me for so long... I didn't know what the heck to do with them. I think I decided to use this blue & brown filagree print for sashing...

These two had backings laying here, I just had to get them pinned out...
(I had to go buy a HUGE box of (10 gross) pins!) Thank goodness I live where I do! You can get all kinds of great sewing supplies around here... These were my big project for the day...

Gonna try to pin at least two more out today.
Have a great weekend!

ha! I saw this quote online today. My husband would have to agree:

Asking a quilter to sew on a button is like asking Picasso to paint your garage.


  1. Love the wonky squares haven't seen them before. I think that fabric looks great with them. Good idea working on UFOs in the summer. I am bad about bindings, the quilt will be all finished except for that. So one summer I just kept doing bindings til I had 9 done. Yea I was a bit behind!

    Love the quote too!!!

  2. Oh good.. you've got lots to keep you out of trouble. :-)
    LOVE that quote.. it is so true. Goes for hemming pants too.

  3. Just ask Roger how long he has to wait to get hemming long that he now has them done professionally. I'd hang my head in shame if I had any since he bought me a new sewing machine thinking that it would get him buttons sewed and hems made....nah. That's just not going to happen. Bad Dee...bad.

  4. It's true,it's true! I will reply so to my hubby the next time! ;-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. I love the blue and brown filagree with those wonky squares - it makes them float on the background and float forward!

  6. I love those wonky squares. The colors and fabrics are great! Good for you getting the quilts all pinned - I don't really like that part.

  7. I love the blue and brown! It's a color combo I naturally respond to anyway, but yours is lovely lovely. Not that we should expect any less, Miss Talent.

  8. Wow! You've got so much done, and that's just today! Love them all, but the blue and brown squares seem to be so you! All this UFO catch up, do you think it has something to do with spring fever? LOL

  9. Terrific quote! :)
    Sorry, have been out of blogland for a bit, but am back. Love the quilt on EBay! And I always use the link you gave for LWB credit when I order from amazon.

  10. so many fun projects. love that print with the wonky squares - took me the longest time to realize it wasn't already sewn together.

  11. You may have inspired me to finish up a few UFOs in my corner of the room.

    I say MAY have....the jury is still out on that one tonight.


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