Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's almost MAY!

oh, my , this is a busy month...

hubby and B's Birthdays (parties),

a trip to the cabin in MN, (that makes me so happy!)
Two Charity events I gotta get stuff done for,
Several end of year events at school,
and a project for the the teacher,
Dr. and dentist appointments,

get my garden planted,
see friends before we
get ready to move back out to the house for the summer.
I'm not sure how much quilting is gonna get done, but, I may take a few of the hand quilting pieces I need to finish, to work on this summer...

Since all my sewing stuff is here, I'm not sure I want to drag it all out there... sigh. What am I gonna post
Can I do it?
Can I be without my sewing!!!
I might seriously go through withdrawls!

Breathe. Gotta get hubby's quilt done...ASAP for his bday.
Gotta get Pillows done for Owen's Fundraiser ASAP.
(he's doing pretty good right now, just finished this new round of Chemo)
That's this weeks plan. OOH!!

OH Golly, We forgot we have a Children's Benefit event at the Asia Society tonight! Asian Festive attire! NUTS.
Well, go shopping? Or whip up a dress finally out of that Nani Iro fabric?

let's see. Patterns are crazy to figure out in the book, and I have tons of vintage dress patterns....

Gotta go hem the thing now!

Then on to all the other stuff!!!



  1. Isn't it something? Everything old becomes new again? I love that pattern. I see some at Goodwill sometimes and am so tempted.
    We are off to our cottage Wed. can hardly wait.
    Yes, spring has arrived.

  2. Fabulous dress, and you look fabulous in it!

  3. I'm totally wanting your dress! and I love that family pic at the top~!

  4. Wow! That little number turned out fabulous!
    You have a lot on your plate. But you can do it.

    And I'm sure whatever you find to post about will be fun.. and interesting!

  5. What a wonderful dress! I LOVE it! You are so busy, but with lots of fun stuff! I've always wondered what it must be like to live in a big city like New York, I LOVE that you post some pictures.
    PS - Your Matisse quilt looks FABULOUS! And Coney Island looks like FUN!

  6. I love the dress too! What a fun pattern. Girl you look FAB :)
    NY looks so Springy. Its snowing in CO AGAIN today after we had 80 degree weather this weekend.
    Planning Ethan's Birthday since him and B are on the same day :)
    I love it that our kids share the same day.......
    Let me know what I can do for Owens Fundraiser.......

  7. First of all that dress is gorgeous (as are you). Next - slow down. Bring your sewing stuff to The Beach. Wouldn't it be nice to have it there and sew when you feel like it? Just check stuff off the list one. at. a. time. You can do it.

  8. Looks like y'all had a glorious weekend. Luv the dress. (Could we possibly be the same size?) Cute girl you've got there, but that snake was gross. Happy sewing!

  9. The dress is great. I think you need to figure out how to transport at least some of your sewing stuff, because there may be an emergency like needing the perfect dress for a function.

  10. Oh my! It's lovely! Absolutely gorgeous! A good reason to miss lunch

  11. Seriously fast work! It's perfect!

  12. Damn that is a cute dress and a cute model!! :-)

  13. I didn't realize that you lived in NYC!! How exciting is that?? I wanted to thank you for the fabric that you sent for the giveaway! Mmmmm, fabric --FREE fabric at that! Love it! Thank you!

  14. beautiful dress, I love that fabric.


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