Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday in the park

Washed and wrinkly. It's so nice out today it's crazy. 90! We're off to Central park even though I should be planting flowers in all my empty pots on the balcony!

This one is coming with us to Central park today...
A good way to gt broken in! A picnic!

My Family has decided they like this quilt the best of them all.
Gotta love the family support!

Crazy 8's anyone?


  1. Sounds great! Enjoy the beautiful weather, ours cooled off a bit yesterday, a ltitle rain might be coming your way soon!

  2. IT turned out beautifully! Perfect picnic blanket! I'm still up for the challenge, but have yet to start! Still going with an eggplant theme, though!

  3. So love the colors. Mine is too small for a picnic but may just brighten up the hallway when I am finished!

  4. Have fun at CP! I grew up on the lower east side of CP. I used to go there every weekend as a kid. The pond was groddy, but it was nice to walk around. That is a great picnic quilt.

  5. I love a good picnic quilt and the view from your balcony is wonderful!

  6. I'll bet your balcony is very lovely when you have it all fixed up with plants. :-)

    Have fun today!

  7. Love the quilt! It looks wonderful! And it was a beautiful day for a trip to the park!

  8. You finished it! Wow, it looks fabulous! I love this idea, and I think I will do it with my art class, using paper instead of fabric. And I want to do one myself sometime, when I don't have many WIPs to do.

  9. I love it. It's beautiful. It looks huge!

  10. Love it too! Your family loving it will definitely make it harder for me to steal without them noticing. Hmmmmm...

    Wasn't the weather great this weekend? Glad you got out to enjoy it and had a new picnic quilt to do so!


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