Friday, April 3, 2009

Fried egg day

So, I let go of my need to fix this quilt. I quilted it yesterday and bound it, and after I washed it, I must say, it looks pretty darn cute. It really bunched up nicely. I tried a few new things in free motion machine quilting, different patterns, sizes, etc. And it gave it a lot of nice texture, which I am pleased with.

You can click the photos to see them larger.

I did the Tiniest meandering stipple a round the letters, and they puffed up so nice. although I really had a stiff neck and back after concentrating so hard on doing that!

Some leaves, vines, small and large flowers, random patterns all over, and a favorite is using the stripes for the binding. I added some other bits, as, funny enough, I don't like them to be "TO PERFECT" ha! right? After my deliberation on it not being perfect from some unplanned errors, that seems very contradictory, but even if I had it perfect, I'd do something wonky to it ON PURPOSE... I know. Someone please help me... ;-p

A date with Home Depot.
I'm off to buy a tiller for my garden.
sigh. I love home depot.

ahhhh, the things that makes a farm girl happy...

Happy Weekend!


  1. This quilt is so cute, love your quilting and it bunched up very nice. Congratulations on another finished quilt!

  2. Victoria, It looks GREAT! Well done! This quilt is adorable!
    The little stipple around the name was very effective. (Stitching in the ditch around the letters will also help the little stippling puff out the letters.) Have a great weekend. Happy planting!

  3. Very nice finish! Have fun at Home Depot...I can spend hours in that place. This year there are lots of very tall pots for the garden...not practical but I want one anyways.

  4. I love the "bunched" look. I was told to preshrink/prewash all my fabrics. Do you? Purple is my daughter-in-laws favorite color. She would love this with Melissa on it.

  5. I love it! I clicked on it before your said to and it looks wonderful. The variants give it life!

  6. It's perfect in its imperfectness(not actually a word)The quilting makes it even more lovely.
    Seriously, Thanks for the card you sent. It was admired by all around here and I'll be happy to place a bid-hope it goes way up.

  7. I like the lettering. I've been working on free-pieced lettering lately

  8. It IS a cute quilt. there's lots of different patterns and changes in contrast to engage a young mind and now all that texture. yummy.

  9. Love it. Machine quilting has really been on my mind lately. I have never tried it, and just bought a foot for my old singer.. it came in the mail saturday. I may come hollering for help. :-)


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