Thursday, April 2, 2009

Art day/Sick day

Darn! B is home sick! She was sick before we went on spring break, and now that she just went back to school, she's sick again! Poor dearie! So we are back to laying low around here. I'm finishing several projects right now, but nothing interesting to post other than this show I just saw that is on at the MET. I must go see it, and it ends Sat. Click on Photo for a link to the page. Some real beauties, and stuff that is right up my alley! Don't you think?

I also have to get to the Met next week to see the Bonnard Interiors paintings...
He's pretty amazing. If anyone lives in the tri state area, and you want to learn a bit about color, go see the show and soak it in. His layouts and design of the canvas excites me as much as Mattise.
If you break it down structurally you get something like this...

Perhaps this explains a bit about how I work... and what I see when I look at paintings, landscapes, buildings, etc. See anything?


For all those who think they know nothing about Modern Art. Try looking at them in a different way, look for colors that inspire you, design, layout, not just what is or isn't in the picture.

So if you are looking at this:You may see lines, or pattern, or blocks of color, not just a smeary rubbed out vague resemblance of a woman by Dekooning.

Or perhaps you'll see the busy streets of NYC, in the painting Broadway Boogie Woogie by Mondrian...

Like I explain to B when she is trying to draw something and she gets frustrated because it's not PERFECT, I tell her, the way to draw is by LOOKING and drawing what you SEE, and not what you THINK YOU SEE.

Same goes when your looking at art. You may see a picture and think, Oh, God that's awful. But if you sit with it, look at it, and see whats really there, you might surprise yourself and find you like something you wouldn't have given a second thought to before.

So go LOOK. Really look, at something you think you dislike.
Look at it for 10-15 even 20 minutes.

Then think about what you now like about it.

Blah blah blah. That's enough blabbing from me for one day.

Go see some art and get inspired!


  1. yes. Some people are just naturals at seeing art. But others have to work at it. It has a lot to do with which side of the brain we use. :-) ou are a good teacher.

    Hope B feels better soon.

  2. My mom did an exercise like that with me when I was a kid - we were at an exhibit in Boston and she had me write the name of each painting in my notebook the first color I saw when I looked at it and one sentence about what I liked (even if I didn't "like it" I had to find something to write....) Thanks for reminding of that day! Siobhan

  3. This is one of those times I really envy your living in NYC. I lived one year in Chicago, and by then I was tired of the big city thing, but oh how I miss the short train ride to the Art Institute and other galleries. Sigh.

  4. I see and think they way you do. How many times did I say to my students (I was an art teacher), draw what you see not what you think you should see! I too am inspired by art. I wish I was close enough to visit the MET. Lucky you. Looking forward to following you more.

  5. Interesting how you see shapes. I see color. I am in total agreement with the whole looking at something for 10-20 minutes thing. It is amazing what you can see. Also, changing your perspective will give you a different set of eyes when you are looking at art. Interesting stuff, art! Makes me want to make a quilt! Happy sewing.

  6. You got that right! I taught Adult Ed drawing and painting for 10 years, and I can tell you that most people do indeed draw what they THINK they see instead of what's really in front of them.

  7. What a wonderful explanations of how to look! Thanks for the insight!


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