Friday, April 3, 2009

Week in pictures

A week in pictures...

Black and white and a little color here and there...

Would you like this guys job?
We are on the 8th floor so this guy is on the 9th floor...
Don't see him?
look for the green speck!

One of my paintings.

Monica came by this week and asked for help making a french press snuggly using her scraps from the quilts I am teaching her to make.

Kia & Jenny Egg basking in the Spring light.

Mommy daughter moment. Priceless.

And thanks to my camera phone, A NYC finest, on horse back...

And a "walking the dog, wish I had my real camera" moment.....

I only had my cell phone with me, and I had to ask
her if I could take her picture.

She lives in this building, I guess, and came down in the
dowdiest clothes and frumpy hat to have a smoke...
But with the most PERFECT make up on.
She was no spring chicken, and had the most beautiful face.
The evening light, her pose, her cigarette, I thought she looked like a
40's movie star by way of the thrift store.
(I love thrift stores, by the way.)

When I asked if I could take her picture she said,

Why yes, DAAHHHLING, Do I look Mahhhvelous?

(really she did, I almost fell over)

I almost sprinted back to my apartment to get my camera.
But thought better of it.

The moment was so perfect, I couldn't ask for more.

And just for fun, see this blog...
great photo inspiration...


  1. Love your pics! Sometime it is able to stop a perfect moment...and ,of course, I like so much the police horses of NY. ;-)

  2. She almost looks like Gloria Swanson reincarnated. Nice what we see when we look past the shell.
    Hope B is feeling better.

  3. Terrific pics! Yes! Good shot of the woman on the steps!
    And wonderful sunning pups!
    Great of B!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. I love the pix, you did a great job of showing us your week in pix. She does look like a movie queen...

  5. What great pictures. Goes to show ya never know when a photo opp. will pop up.

  6. that cafe press snuggly is so cute. I just know that I'd dribble coffee all down the front of it the first time I used it.

  7. A touch of color makes everything come to life. I love that you SEE and then think its worthy of capturing. That's a true artist's eye. Love the cozy too.


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