Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wed. ...

Whats been up here? well, I feel like not much! Life has sort of piled up, and I'm ready for Spring. (have i mentioned that before?)

So, looking on the brighter side of life,

Spring WILL come this month. YIPPEEE!

I will become a year older.

I will get to Florida for some MUCH NEEDED SUN... (I never mentioned that before?) really?

I MAY get to even have a cup of tea with lazy gal Tonya, if I can work it out... Wowza!
that would be cool!

My best friend is coming next week to visit us.

My other friend Monica, whom I am teaching to quilt, finished her radi
ation this past week for Breast Cancer! WAHOOOO!!! yippee!~ And we have some serious quilting to do before I take a VaCation.

My 9 Patch Gather Quilt, will get mailed off this month. Which I would officially like to rename, "Nothing but Kisses" (XXXXXXXX get it?) Donation, helps kids, etc... perfect right?

And I can order my seeds for my garden! ooh. that means a lot less quilting...

My Harley can finally get its NY inspection sticker updated! If we can just get rid of this snow!

And the Cabin can be opened up in APRIL!

Ah. that cheers me up!

Other than that. I finished the Rays of light,(pink yellow green) quilt top, and am trying to find an economical backing. I've got loads of fabric but not so much to have enough for backings... I'm working on not buying anything more than I have to... Will post when It's together...

OH! I am making a booklet for myself through just to have a record of all my quilts...I've done cookbooks through them before and they were really great. Now If I could just get through the 2008 family pictures.... put that on my to do list... a while longer...

I'm playing with all the fabulous
Charms I got from Commonplace Charm swap. They are on my wall right now... trying to inspire me...

And that's about it folks. Just Trying the sunnier side of the street...


  1. Good morning, yes spring is almost here in canada too. We are awaiting mid 40s today and 50s tomorrow. this has been such a long winter. I love your 9 patch and although I would have put strips of white to separate them, they look fabulous. White really pops a quilt doesn't it.

  2. I'm sure hoping it works out - I really want to visit with you! fingers crossed. hope you get some sun that way soon!

  3. March was always the tough month for me when I lived up north...enough with the snow already! There is a lot on that list to be optimistic about though!


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