Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday stuff

Rays of light quilt

STRIKE! I feel like I struck it rich when I was trying to find a backing for this quilt.

I thought what on earth am I going to put on the back of this quilt! I don't really have any PINKS besides the scraps I used in this quilt!

As I was cleaning up my studio space, (!! key word cleaning !!)

I found this OLD Robert Kaufman pink yellow purple circle crazy fabric in the bottom of a bin that I must have had for 9 years.

Since this will be a gift for a little girl, I thought how perfect and FUN it would be for the backing!

The colors are so off on this picture, it makes the quilt look so dead... I took so many other pics, and I think blogger lightens everything when it up loads... Because the first two were spot on right on my computer and they two are washed out... oh well.



Although Fabric Shack & just delivered a yummy box of fabric to me filled with these below, and about 4 different yardages for backings... I am trying to NOT BUY ANYMORE FABRIC.... for now.

This was a great deal though,(99 cents for each of the plaids)
and I needed something to make
for a boys quilt as a graduation gift... The inspiration being this quilt kit below, through Keepsake Quilting, and thought it would be perfect, since I am loving the 9 patches right now... I'm not sure it will look exactly like this, but the general idea...

I'm off to quilt out the Rays of light quilt above... Then me and hubby have a date to see, Blithe Spirit, on Broadway... Something different to do!

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. your first quilt is absolutely charming. How wonderful that you found enough fabric for backing in your stash.
    I cannot believe you purchased tose plaids for .99cents. What an extraordinary deal. Just perfect for a boys quilt. I own absolutley no plaid. May have to check that site out.

  2. V ~ I think your plaids in a nine patch will be really stunning. I think I may have had all of those plaids at one time. The top one in the pic I used in several quilts and loved it.

  3. The backing is perfect! I love it! And my 16-year-old daughter thought your quilt was really cute too.
    I like the plaid 9-patch. Very manly haha. And what a a great deal on the fabric.
    Have fun on your date.

  4. I love finding stuff I forgot I had. What a great back for a cute quilt.
    Have fun on your date. I LOVE Rupert Everet! Happy quilting!

  5. I love the backing on that quilt for the girl. It is perfect! Those plaids are great and can't wait to see the 9-patch with them!

  6. some little girl is really gonna love that. And the plaid 9patch in black is perfect for a boy. Gotta LOVE Fabric Shack!

    woo-hoo.. have fun tonight!

  7. fun backing for the quilt - both sides will be gorgeous now. love the plaids and the inspiration fabric. play sounds fun, esp with Rupert Everett.

  8. I love the way the quilt came out! Fabulous. I love finding backings - they are fabulous finds. I LOVE the plaid and black quilt from Keepsake. Fabulous!

  9. that backing is perfect!!!

    i am trying not to buy fabric this month. it's been 9 days since my last fabric purchase and i nearly had the shakes yesterday. i used to be so much better with my fabric buying bans. i don't know what happened to me.

  10. Nice first quilt. The pink backing will be perfect. Good job on cleaning your studio.


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