Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9 patch update

The 9 Patch Quilt is boxed and being shipped to Lovely Linda, who has offered to long arm it for us! Yippeee!

I am making a label for the 9 Patch Gather quilt, and want to have everyone who helped, have their name on it. I have attempted to keep a list, and THINK I have everyone who sent me blocks on this list.

If I forgot, I AM SO SORRY, Please send me a email. Organization is not my best quality...
Please correct me if I've made and error.

Here is a list and links to all the wonderful people who have helped me with this project. Please visit and thank them!

The above blocks are extras that I will make into two other quilts. I'm not sure I'll get them done for this auction but I have a couple other options for donations right now. Kids with cancer is one!
Isn't that great! THANKS SO MUCH!


The 9 Patch gather Quilt is being donated to
the Love without Boundaries Art auction:
All of you can go online and check it out and BID!

SEE BELOW for more info.
Anyone else have something to give?

Born In My Heart Art Auction 2009

Help us again by donating to our 2009 Born In My Heart Art Auction.

Our 2009 Born In My Heart Art Auction is April 23 - 28.
Deadline for donations is April 1st, 2009.
For more information, please email an Auction Coordinator at auction@lwbmail.com

Examples of donations might be paintings, photography, sculpture, quilts, gift baskets (a great idea for DTC groups!), China-related books, cookware, scrapbooking, dolls, heirlooms, jewelry...something that reflects your own passions, talents and love for China's orphans.

Because you shared your heart.... We can now share ours!


ANOTHER EASY WAY TO HELP: How many of you shop with Amazon? If you click this link,

Amazon.com - LWB receives 4% of the amount you purchase on Amazon if you enter through this link.

So click the link, (so your on their page associated with Love without boundaries,)


Then everytime you order through Amazon, your donating to LWB. It is NOT an extra cost to you, Amazon gives back 4% to LWB.



  1. Thanks for organizing this -- makes me feel good to have participated even in the teeny tiny way I did. I didn't know about amazon donating to them, but I'll follow the link. Excellent!

  2. Just bought a book I've been wanting after following the amazon link. I had to check it out, didn't I??? ;)

  3. Thanks to you for have made these cute quilts and for your generosity!


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