Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Fun

Monica's second quilt

Monica's First Quilt
So, I've mentioned before that I am teaching my friend Monica to quilt. We've been taking our time working on her first quilt, when she decided she wanted to make a second quilt as a Birthday gift for her Sister. So, we put the first on hold (the PINK BROWN CIRCLE QUILT ABOVE), to whip up this lovely BLACK RED & WHITE QUILT. She took her inspiration from the Material Obsession book, and I am loving the Black sashing around the big blocks. I have to say, I am loving having SOMEONE to quilt along with. Maybe that's why I started to blog. Everyone needs a community to share in things they love.

I've been working along beside her, guiding her, and I've completed the 9 patches for the Grad quilt. I've made enough patches for 2 quilts, So I have one to keep. I really love it!


Also I've been working on a little something,

here's a peek.
I can't show you because The person who will get this, reads my blog...

Ah, Time will tell.


  1. I love the read and black one! But I really love the orange and pink circle one. I can hardly wait to see your patchwork quilt finished.

    Lucky you having someone to quilt with.

  2. I love the pink and brown quilt, I love the colors and the desing. Those 9 patches look great! Can't wait to see the finished surprise!

  3. (-patches are sort of addictive...

    She is doing great on her quilts. How fun for both of you!

  4. oh tell her she is doing a great job on her quilts
    yes we all need quilting friends, good for you teaching her.
    Love the sneak peak pretty fabrics, can't wait to see it
    ps hope B is better

  5. Oh what a fun day. I'm so glad you have a friend to play fabrics with!
    Monica.. your quilts are wonderful! You must not have needed much teaching.. you look like an expert already. :-)

  6. These are so cute, especially the stripes and dots....love it! It really is fun to have a friend to quilt with. I am going to my hometown this weekend to quilt with my sisters and mom.

  7. I simply adore red and black one. They look awesome.

  8. Monica is doing great and that's wonderful for both of you to have someone to quilt with - i'm jealous. oooh, the colors in that hint are awesome.


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