Sunday, March 8, 2009


The remains of snow from our blast last week hanging off our roof! By today it was all melted! It hit around 62 today. It was so warm when we left our house to drive back to NYC, that by the time we pulled in front of our building, I realized I had left my winter coat at the house... I didn't wear it all weekend! oops. keys, drivers license... etc... darn.

Other things seen around NYC last week. that red building pattern
mirrors the quilt I just finished!

The colors caught my eye...

OK, why is it that I love to sew bindings, but am not fond
of quilting a whole quilt by hand?

Good Light for a change!

All washed and fabulously crinkled... Ready to be loved...

Busy week coming up. My friend Monica, whom I am teaching to quilt is on quilt Number two, which she needs to get finished quickly for a gift.
(Before I go away to FLORIDA (near end of the month)(near my birthday)

So we need to do that. And B has been sick all weekend. So I'm guessing she may be home this week... even though it's a short week for us...
We are off school from this Thursday to March 30th... Which also means, my best friend is coming in from MN wed. That will be great fun. So busy, but good things to look forward too.

It's amazing what one day of good weather can do for a person!


  1. The quilt looks fabulous. I love it.

    Have a great time in Florida (we're going in April). And fun with you friends. Hope B feels better soon.

  2. Beautiful quilt. Just love the washed wrinkled quilts too.

    Enjoy the time in Florida.

  3. Isn't this weather beautiful! It was so nice this weekend, till today when it rained all day! Love that quilt you are working on, the colors are great, so bright!

  4. I know why you like the hand sewing, it's because you get to see your work, stroke the quilt every so often and just be happy that you created a work of love!
    How simple is that?

  5. great weather this weekend, we had the windows open and yet there is still snow in our backyard!
    Love the quilt, the colors are just so pretty...and says spring to me
    I love sewing bindings on too, but then I love to hand quilt as well.
    Maybe someday you will too.
    Hope she feels better soon...

  6. I hope B is feeling much better very soon so she can enjoy the time off. Sounds like you have a busy schedule coming up...but fun!

  7. congrats on the finished quilt - it's lovely. you enjoy attaching binding but not hand quilting. oh my.

  8. V, that first picture was slow loading on my old computer, but as it was coming up I was wondering why you had batting hanging off of your roof! Ha! What is your view to the street from the window you are sitting at while you sew on binding?

  9. That quilt turned out great! Looks ready to love. Hooray for the perfect backing!!!

    Have fun with your friend visiting. Hope B is feeling better soon. Bye! A


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