Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Quilt grows in NYC

SO, My MN friend is TRYING to get here, despite, a huge snow storm yesterday, Wind, rain, and below zero temps... 30MPH on the icy freeway this a.m. to try to get the 100 miles to Minneapolis.... Good grief!

So I have some time to clean up my studio/slash guestroom... And get a bit done on the grad quilt, as it is for my My MN friend's nephew who is graduating this year... She asked me to make it for him. I hope she approves!

I have most of my fabrics stored by type and color, and then I also have them by PROJECT. My problem with cleaning and reorganizing, is then I have to go through everything... I don't know how to just do a LITTLE cleaning... now I have a bigger mess then before I started...

But luckily I'm good under pressure. I have a deadline before I have to run to the airport today!...

Another little peek at something fun to work on...


  1. The grad quilt is looking great!

  2. Your projects are looking good! Love that cheery pink border on the surprise.

  3. Have fun with you girlfriend! Your quilt looks like it is coming together nicely. Luv the sneek-peek. Happy quilting!

  4. Lovely quilt!

    Can move in with you and your stash? I can feel the creativity in your work place.

  5. V ~ I love those plaid blocks with the black. You are channeling your inner Amish quilter with this one!

  6. The grad quilt is looking great. I also sort by type and then color with some project boxes and bags thrown into the mix. The ladies from Merry Maids just shake their heads and close the door when they come by....

  7. Just looking at your stash makes me wish I'd be quilting longer than a year. I'd have that much more to choose from.
    Have fun in NY. Love that quilt.

  8. The 9 patch will be so pretty. I am intriqued by the teaser too....

  9. Hope your MN friend makes it to NY OK.

    Your grad quilt is looking wonderful - I love the plaids and the Amish thing going on there!

    I hear you about the creative mess - and agree that it's hard to sort the fabrics. It looks like you have a great work space tho'.

    Have fun with your friend!

  10. the plaid quilt is looking great - very masculine. hope your friend arrived safely and you had some fun.


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