Thursday, March 12, 2009


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Quick post, head over to Linda's page at Cottage garden quilts!
I am so excited to see the 9 patch quilt, Nothing But Kisses, Quilted!
Linda, very generously offered to Long Arm it for me! It's done and on it's way back to me to bind it, and send it off to Love without Boundaries by the end of this month. She did an amazing job! flowers, and hearts and dragon flies! Its wonderful! You can see more picks on her page.


The Quilt will be in their Auction, ONLINE
April 23 - 28.

When the auction is up, I will post a link.

Tell everyone and lets make sure we get people bidding on it so they get a good price for it!

I'm off to play for a few days. My MN friend got here, safe and sound. And can I mention that she had a nice big package of FABRIC for me as an early Birthday gift! YIPPEE!

Happy Sewing!


  1. The quilt looks beautiful!!! Have fun with your friend, does she quilt too? Any pix of those fabrics?

  2. Oh I love the way you put that quilt together. It's so coordinated! You do wonderful work!

  3. I have to agree. The quilt is beautifyl..the piecing and the quilting. And how neet is it to enlarge the photo, it is so cool.

  4. My goodness. It looks fabulous. It makes me want to make another 9 patch! LOL

  5. Thank you SO much for all your hard work..... This quilt is absolutely gorgeous! This will make such a difference for children with heart defects.

    Karen LWB

  6. I hope you have lots of fun with your visitor!

    The quilt looks fantastic - I'm tempted to bid on it myself!


  7. Wow, that turned out really nice! Beautiful colours and quilting.

    Have fun with your MN friend - hope the weather cooperates.

  8. The quilt looks great! Hope you make lots of money. Have fun with your girlfriend!

  9. that nine-patch is so wonderful! I might steal that pattern one day. Don't worry.. I'll give you credit. :-) Can't wait to watch that auction. Hope I don't forget.

    Have fun with your friend!


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