Friday, February 27, 2009

weekend ponderings

I tried to take a better picture, the light was not very good, and I made sure to crop out the top of my design wall! Tonya was worried I was putting the Bumble beans words into the quilt. Silly girl. oh well, I needed a laugh.

I was also running out the door for the weekend, so the quilt is NOT straight in the picture, but in reality it is... And there is about three more rows to be put on here... This is what I got done on Friday....

I, of course, should have been finishing some backings for the last 3 UFO's I have sitting here. But why bother...? It's so much more fun to start something new....

I'm going to be making two quilts, for two special little girls. One, may get this...

So, HMMM, trying to figure out a border for this very SWEET colored
Rays of Light quilt.

Do we like piano keys? or to much?

I'm all out of the light pink gingham... And I'm trying to make do with what I have... which is lots of green, and yellow, and little bit of hot pink...

Any other ideas?


  1. I think the piano keys will work great with the boxes. Such a sunny and sweet quilt. I have NO IDEA how to deal with running out of the pink gingham - it happened to me recently and I'm still waiting for inspiration to strike. Let me know when you figure it out.

    Have a great weekend and I hope those seals show their faces this time!

  2. I like the piano keys! I love the way the pink background sets off the other blocks. Fabulous.

  3. I love the quilt! The photo of the quilt from far away reminds me of colorful and yummy know it sounds weird but it really does :)
    Can you make me a cupcake quilt? I will mail you five pounds of cupcakes in return.

  4. The piano keys are great. I am getting so many ideas from you. Thanls

  5. I think the piano keys are a perfect border for the top. So sweet and not too much, just my humble opinion.

  6. Lookin' good.

    Looks like a little girls dream quilt is taking shape.

  7. I agree...I like the piano keys!

    I've been doing a bunch of hand-quilting too. Your brown and blue quilt looks great!

    Sending a prayer for Owen and his family.

  8. I like the piano keys, too. And I love pink and yellow together!


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