Friday, February 27, 2009

weekend again!

Thanks to American Idol, I get a lot of sit down and hand sew time! I've been working on this for myself for about a year. I was down to just needing to quilt the borders, and I just never knew what to do with it...I finally decided to do a diagonal lattice pattern all around. I thought maybe I was nuts, as it seems like a whole lot of work, but the straight lines go very quickly. I can't wait to have this quilt finished. I've never hand quilted a quilt out quite so extensively as this one. (except for B's Gee's Bend quilt, but that was very random.... this is very sort of old fashioned...) Hey, I'm learning!

I'm also working on this today... Rays of Light quilt with Yellow, pink, and green... I know, what am I thinking! Trying to think outside the box, well, Blocks.... perhaps...

I think mostly because I am so SUN deprived I can not stand it. But also, looking forward to a best friend coming to visit
, (who has a pink yellow and green room in her house), and some of the fabrics are from B's nursery curtains and crib sheets... trying to find the HAPPY in this Shitty weather... Sorry. There is no better word to use...

Thank goodness it's Friday!

As for sweet Owen, He has been managing since his surgery. They are once again going to be doing chemo for another year, and have pretty much been told that his cancer will not be cured. They are focusing on spending and enjoying every moments they will have left with him, and thanking God for whatever time that is.

No wonder I'm in a bad mood. Heartbreaking.


  1. Oh V, that is heartwrenching about Owen. I don't know how it would be to be in his parent's shoes but even trying to imagine it hurts badly.
    Let them know that we care.

  2. My mother is pretty much in the same place. Not much one can do but try to spend quality time. As I share that heart sinking feeling with you when I read your news, I am keep repating the words that there is a new drug invented every day. You are a wonderful person to devote your time and energy and believe me it is appreciated in silent moments those parents live.

  3. Good friends of ours have a son with an inoperable brain tumor - it basically was there from the first few months of his life. Thankfully he is still here and doing good 4 years later. I will be wishing all the best for Owen and his family.

    And your quilt - I love the yellow with the pink and green. So cheery and fresh. It proclaims spring is on it's way!

  4. sorry about Owen - definitely sadness there. and gray winterness - bleah. hope you get lots and lots of sunshine soon. Is this just a pic of your design wall or are all these blocks going together including the Bumble Beans? I'm kinda hoping not....

  5. Hugs to you and to Owen. How sad - but his family has the right attitude: to enjoy every minute they can with him.
    No wonder you need some sunshine!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about Owen. Big hugs.

    Love your new quilt. It's very fun.

  7. The colors on that first quilt are beautiful, but there's something even more peaceful in knowing that you are handquilting it. Makes sense, given the piece of news at the end of your entry. I am an art therapist who works at a children's hospital and I know something of what you are going through. I'm glad you have a peaceful art to turn to at this time. Hang in there...

  8. I'm glad Owen got thru the surgery, and that his family has a good loving attitude - making each moment count! Maybe he will just surprise a few doctors...

    Your quilts are great, as always! Hungry for sunshine are you!! MEE TOO!

    We did get the bikes out of the back shop and up to the front garage finally! Had to do it early a.m. when the ground was frozen! But they are at least on pavement now and ready to roll when the temps get above 51!

    It sounds like you need the wind in your face too...


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