Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday Light

Jenny Egg has a new pair of shoes!

We had so much snow yesterday, Big Huge Snowflakes almost ALL day long... None of it really stuck, but everyone put tons of salt down on the sidewalks anticipating today's COLD....

My poor doggies feet can't take the salt, so we got them booties to put on. It also saves my floors from being covered in salty white paw prints!!

Jenny Egg looks pretty darn funny in her little pink booties. She does not like them one bit. Kia, on the other hand, walks through mud, slush and puddles, and is quite happy with her little dry feet!

It may be VERY cold today, But the Loverly Sun, is back... aaaaaahhhhh!

I'm attempting to get three projects finished... I pop back and forth between them as I get bored.
Perhaps by Friday I can scratch a few off the TO DO list...

Fingers crossed!


  1. I wish we could get our pooch to wear boots.. but he hates them!

    Have fun with your projects today!

  2. Jenny Egg is realy fashonable! Pink looks perfect on her!

  3. She looks so darling. Thanks for the sweet picture. Hope you get a lot done.
    My driveway is like a ski slope but the bright sun is finally melting all the ice. Looked really pretty this morning though.

  4. She is precious in her booties! I know my cats would run and hide if I tried to dress them, but my daughter's dogs love it.


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