Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tuesday dreary

Susan ,had asked if I had a pattern for this project. I have to say I've never used a pattern. But I did, make a sketch, which, I also rarely ever do. But I was doodling on the phone, and did this. ( I was on hold, so it's ok!)

Its pretty easy, and went together very quickly. I used
3" x 6" rectangles color of your choice = 130 cut pieces. (26 per row)
+ 13 WHITE (65 cut pieces) 3" X 6"
+ 13 WHITE(65 cut pieces) 5.5" X 6"
+ 6 WHITE 4" strips to join them all together...
and maybe and outside border but I haven't gotten that far yet....

to make the above pattern, and flip flop them to make a like a zipper effect...

I will also add then, a 4" long strip of white between each row, as I prefer the rows a bit farther apart...

Easy Peasy!

When I cut out my rectangles, I cut WAY to many, so i am actually going to make another one, but make each row, one color... And will use the same purple for the backing on that too. I don't know what it is with me and purple lately... very NOT ME! ooh! wow, I'm really out there!

But then again, I just bought some of this, below.

Now THIS is me! Right!

AND, I may have to EAT MY WORDS about using a pattern... I saw this on FLickr... Isn't it awesome! I guess it's Moda Fabrics. I love it.
I just might NEED one of these quilts.....

Brown, AND ORANGE! my favorite color~! HEAVEN.

Well, I might not need the pattern,
But I GOTTA get me some of that fabric...


  1. LOVE your new quilt. It's too funny that you had to start something new. Only working on the old gets old, doesn't it? LOL Love, LOVE that flickr picture! Can you please send me a link?

  2. Very pretty and interesting quilt. The brown/orange looks like it has a lace piece placed on top.

  3. I am so impressed that you usually don't use a pattern! I have to or a quilt gets way too messed up!

    Have fun piecing!

  4. Oh, very cool -- 4 different fabrics I'm guessing, to make it look like an overlay?
    And as for the rectangles, very cool. Simple but interesting. Do you know The Modern Quilt Workshop? Looks like their style.


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