Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday happenings.

First off. I was naughty.
I started a new quilt when I said I wouldn't until I had those others done...
oh well.

But I got this, and I just had to do something
so I could use this as the backing!

How could I not!

(NOTICE: there are no blues or turquoise in this quilt. ok, there is brown...
oh, well, I sort of tried something new!)

I sit here AGAIN, cleaning my studio... New York DUST, I swear is the worst. I clean the floor of my studio everyday. And dust bunnies build up that quick... So the hard to reach places, Wow! MoNsTeR dust bunnies! Nightmare quality...
And since I got the new machine, I felt like I needed a new arrangements so I can get to all my machines when I want to, so I have embarked on a complete switch-a-roo! I added a design wall, so i can stop laying things out on the floor, Since i had space to do that, I just needed to move things around a bit. So far so good.

One day I will get to my desk... sigh.

Messy, messy, messy. Things just pile up...

I have been cutting squares from all my scrap bins for the past week. I need to seriously make them smaller. they overflow all over. I feel like I haven't even made a dent in them!

I found many vintage fabric squares, that was a treat! Woo hoo! Add them to the bunch! And so many wonderful scraps of fabric, that can tell such a story. Mostly of my daughter growing up.
Fabric from a vintage dress I cut apart to make her bedding for her crib set. Scraps from clothes I have made for her, hats, diaper covers, toys...

A really tacky XMAS print sundress I made for a themed Christmas party we had one year. I was dressed as a Suzy homemaker... Go figure!
Fabric from quilts that have long since been loved so much I had to repair them.
It was like walking down memory lane. Made it even more real, how fast time goes by.

Another shot of those weird buildings. They actually looks pretty cool at night.


  1. Your studio is wondeful! I love the gigantic windows and the full light you have in. The design wall is perfect to plan your quilts. And don't worry...the dust is everywere!

  2. I love the new studio setup..the design wall is great!

  3. Oh! I just saw the new quilt..hmph..naughty naughty naughty :-)

  4. When you're through with your space, could you come work on mine?

    I've got 3 nine-patches sewn (it's hard to piece with no machine that's quiet enough to sew during nap time). How many would you like?

    And... my new machine ought to be here by the end of the week!

  5. Hops!...what I see?...a NEW top!
    But I agree on amazing fabric...

  6. I love the new quilt....please where did you get that pattern? Can you share instructions if it's one you made up. I looooooooooove it!

    New studio is terrific and I know you will appreciate working there.

  7. Lovely studio. I am just smiling, because I did the same thing. I am not going to start a new quilt before I finished the one I am working on. Did not happen!

  8. Your right, how could you not do something with that fabric? I'm impressed with your commitment to dusting. Cause while I love having a clean house, I don't really like having to clean it. Happy piecing!

  9. Got my quilt squares today! Thanks! Loved them!
    Love the new quilt. Your studio looks wonderful!

  10. I like the quilt you started. It is simple but colorful too.

  11. Fun! Love your new quilt top.. and of course you had to make it to go with that backing. :-)

    Your new design board look awesome! I hear you about the dust though.. that happens here too.

  12. I hope that fabric isn't all used up on the back - it's so much fun. fun front too and your black and white quilt is marvelous. I'm wondering how a wide brightly colored border would look on that.... dust bunnies, grrrr.

  13. The deisgn wall is great - and I see my little pics on the wall!!!

    Love the black and white quilt top - it really looks like the buildings there.

    New quilt is wonderful too!

  14. love the new your studio. kansas dust would like to challenge that NYC dust anytime!

  15. that purple quilt is gorgeous! I love the lines of blocks.

    My husband and I were just talking about how great it would be to have a vacuun attached to the floor that would just suck up all the dust at once and would require just the flip of a switch...we can dream, right? :)


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