Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sewing roots

See that cute green coat, on the little one front left? that's me.
I don't have a scanner sorry about that!

Here's B with the same coat on, same age.
My mother made it. Pretty darn cute.
If only I could still make cute stuff for B!
Third graders aren't really all into that...
oh well.

I'm working on the 9 patches... and putting together a few UFO's to finish.... But It's so nice and sunny out, I think I need to go be outside now...

But not before I show you the cutest JFK and Abe Lincoln impersonators


  1. Love that green coat. But to be honest.. B doesn't look too thrilled wearing it. :-D

    I remember Mom sewing me a coat once. I hated it so much, and she was not a very good seamstress.. everything really "looked" homemade. I could hardly wait to learn to sew for myself! Third grade is about the right time to start. :-)

    Love your WIP's.

  2. That jacket is so amazing!!! I want one for my daughter,maybe I can bribe my mom into making one??!?!?! I love green.

  3. OMG B is so beautiful. Both Presidents are looking very good!
    Hope you got outside yesterday-it's 7am and 25 degrees out here on the island. Lets not even discuss the wind chill-Lord, I hate the wind chill.

  4. Impersonators? They look like the real deal! ;) Totally adorable, as is the coat. Lovely to see your child in the coat you wore.


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