Wednesday, February 18, 2009

stuff & Wednesday

Darn those fabric SALES! It's laundry day around here. new fabrics, clean, them, fold them, put them away.... blah blah blah...

The fun part of the day was, I met Andrea from the little collection! She brought me her 9 patch squares today! They are great, bright, and maybe by the end of the week I will show you how they are taking shape...

It was pretty neat to meet her today. It's nice to know someone else around who quilts, that I can say, HEY! Come over, and tell me what you think!
We had a little quilt show and tell and a little tea chat about our sewing roots. Very nice. Thanks Andrea!

It also got me to clean up my studio! That's always good! I highly recommend inviting people over to see what your working, if not for just that reason!

As I sit here writing this I realized it just started to rain, and as I watched it rain, I saw, as if someone was standing on the roof of my building, the rain turn to snow, and fall in bucket-fulls from the sky. I watched that red building slowly turn from bright red to hazy red as the snow fell past the top of the building and fall quickly to the ground. Pretty cool, that mother nature... Never saw it do that before...

I hope Andrea had an umbrella!

Now I need to go hem the sleeves of a boys blazer jacket so,
My daughter ,
can be

JOHN F KENNEDY at her school,
Presidents day report recital tomorrow.



  1. Your description of the rain/snow is really beautiful.

  2. But new fabric laundry is so much more fun than dirty clothes laundry!

    Isn't snow fun to watch? I'm back in the land of snow after 20+ years, and I still love to watch it snow. It is kinda wierd when it changes from rain to snow, though. I've been away from it for so long that I don't always recognize what's going on! Duh!

    p.s. LOVED that Amish quilt - thanks for sharing!

  3. I DID have an umbrella! Whew! It was so lovely to see your quilts. My brain is going to be mulling on that big pink block now. If I start sending you too many random "what about...." ideas for it, just tell me!

    Until then, what about French knots in embroidery thread "tying" it in a grid? Saw that in a quilt on using old quilt techniques in modern quilts. Or what about checking out "Guide to Machine Quilting" by Diane Gaudynski? She was very inspired by densely quilted antique quilts, but does machine quilting.

    That's all for now. Have a lovely night!

  4. And I was just blocks away at my Mom's! I wish I had been there with you guys. Oh well, next time.

  5. oooo.. at least five colorways of that one print.. I love it!

    Wish I lived close enough to visit!


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