Friday, February 20, 2009

9 patch

Here is my plan for the 9 patch. All the pieces are planned, cut and I'm ready to rock it out.

If you're not seeing some of the squares you sent, know that I have enough extras for a Baby quilt which will also be made and donated to a special cause. I have TWO friends with children under 3, who are battling cancer. So the other squares will be made and donated in their honor, to raise money for Childhood Cancer.

I've also been asked by another friend to donate a quilt , for a fundraiser for local charity called FOSTERPRIDE.

Founded in 1993, Foster Pride is New York’s only non-profit providing free art, video, photography, music and computer classes as well as scholarships and mentoring to children in the foster care system. Our goal is to help foster children learn to express themselves, develop new skills, and build self-esteem through the arts.
When founder Lynn Schnurnberger visited a New York City foster care agency for the first time, she found it filled with fidgety children waiting for appointments with their caseworkers and supervised visits with their birth parents. She searched for a way to transform their restlessness into creative energy. Within a few months, she had organized a weekly art class for fifty children and Foster Pride was born.

I'm very touched to be able to help. It feels good! Give it a try!


Take your kids to museums.
You never know when something will sweep them off their feet!

What my sewing machine sees....


Have a great weekend...


  1. V, Looks great! I like seeing the results of "doing your own thing." Happy sewing!

  2. I have always liked that layout for 9-patch blocks.

  3. I just love 9 patch block quilts. Your blocks will make such a pretty quilt. Have fun sewing the blocks together.

  4. The 9 patches quilt will be wonderful, I like as you plan to do it. And how to say about your T-shirt? WOW! :-)

  5. It looks great! I'm in the middle of 9 patch love anyway. I've got another 9 patch I'm in love with.

    Love your skull!

  6. Great job with the nine patches! You have a terrific eye for putting lots of different patterns together - this really works! Yup, a scrappy nine patch is in my future...

  7. V that's a great setting for the blocks. They're really going to go a long way and that's pretty cool too. Did you make the skull and crossbones shirt? It's way cool.

  8. *sigh*... your lovely nine patch is twinkling...

  9. Oh V - it looks fantastic! Good for you.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Excellent! I love the mix-up of everyone's very different fabrics.
    And I agree -- it's so worth it to take your kids to museums. And when they grow up and you visit them, they return the favor by taking YOU to their favorite museums! Discovery never stops.

  11. great 9-patch setting - and not one I've ever thought of. you have TWO friends with small children who have cancer. that is awful - never thought cancer was that prevalent in children. eek. anyway, great plans for the charity quilts.

  12. The 9-patches look great - I love that layout. Will have to do that one someday... And all those blocks together look happy!

    I think your plans for the charity quilts are good, but sorry to hear of the small children with cancer. Oh, how terrible! I hope the quilts raise lots of $$.

    Love your sweatshirt!


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