Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blue on my brain

So. yes, I know I make a lot of turquoise and brown quilts. I am obsessed with any mixture of brown and any color really. That's easy for me to figure out. My house is pretty much, brown, teals, greens, and REDs. I asked my mother a few years ago, about a house we lived in from my age of 0-3years old, Before we moved to our farm, about what colors were in the house. I was to young to recall much about that house. And only a few pictures are around. some in the living room and the kitchen.

In the kitchen, I can tell you from photos, it was ORANGE (my favorite color) and Light yellow. In the living room, it was sort of gold details like the carpet and couch fabric, with sort of a light turquoise on the walls... But the other rooms, no picture existed and I had VERY STRONG Feelings about certain colors so I asked her,if in her room there was anything RED in it.
Yep. Her bed spread and some pillows were RED.

And I also told her I was feeling a royal BLUE & turquoise room, Yep, it was a guest room. I also recalled at our farm, as we went down the stairs to the basement the walls being the seafoam turquoise, YEP. left over paint from the living room walls at that same house...

So I am convinced that, the first colors we were exposed to, were probably engraved in our brains.

So when I said the other day I was feeling Orange. I really do get an overwhelming feeling of COLOR. B asked me to post a picture of her today, as she was head to to BROWN.
I didn't have time to download pics, But trust me, she was!

Today. I am feeling TURQUOISE. And BLUES... and maybe a little red. with a dash of yellow.

See my back splash above my stove?

A picture speaks a thousand words... or Colors. or memories?

I need to make a blue quilt (18 year old boyish) and I am thinking all varied stripes... Stripes, hmm, there is another thing I adore... I'll have think hard on why that one is.... I don' t recall stripes from my childhood.???


  1. Personally, I love your "eye" for color. It's one of the things I really look forward to when you post things.

  2. That makes perfect sense to me - "feeling colour". Plus, the idea that we like the colours we're first exposed to. Hmmmm... I'll have to ask my mum what colours were in our house when I was little.
    I love your turquoise-y backsplash!

  3. I'm with Mal*. You have a great eye for color no matter where it came from. I personally just like colors that impact my mood. Yellow and orange do wonders for me when I'm grumpy.

  4. Stripes are fab. I love all of those colors myself and I know that is because I had those colors around me as I was growing up.

  5. color has a very strong effect on me-red in particular but I find that music has an even stronger effect. Music makes me smile and dance-fabric is the partner.

  6. Yes, I think colors stay with us from a time when our memories are just impressions. Textures too. I know that I am drawn to Barkcloth...and remember that we had drapes of big leaves that were in shades of green on an ecru ground and they were made of barkcloth. Now that was over 50 years ago and I can recall them absolutely.

  7. I love this post! I had a very similar conversation with my Mom about 10 years ago about the house we lived in until I was six. Very few color photos, very few photos really, but I could remember arrangements, shapes and colors from it like crazy. She confirmed everything I could recall. I too, still love some of the same colors from that first house! A child of the 70s I am!

  8. I love turquoise & brown too and pink & the guest room, when can I come stay in!!!!You've always had an artistic point of view of everything that's what makes your work so fascinating :)


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