Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is the Granville rooster quilt, with my vintage 9 patches put to good use. I'm happy with it. I feel like my machine quilting is getting better, but I still have to get used to my new machine and getting the tension just right... Sometimes It works well, then suddenly, it gets so tight on tension, the thread keeps breaking... so i loosen it, and then I get a bit of the top thread through the back... Maybe its just get broken in, and needs more oil...?? gotta find out about that...

It is a cozy quilt, perhaps a little to SWEET for my taste, but I love the colors and fabrics, and the variety of old and new fabrics.

I finished the Zip quilt this week also. I'm quite happy with it. it was fun to put together, its bright, and it put me in a very ORANGE, PINK and PURPLE mood! Come on Spring, I'm trying to help you out a little!

I love the back of it... Great print, and color.

Eileen! What do you think?
Like my new teapot? Eileen found this for me the day of her lucky little thrift shopping spree!
Thanks so much I love it! What a lovely surprise!


  1. Congratulations on finishing the lovely Granville rooster quilt. I love the Zip quilt, have never seen a Zip quilt before. But I like the simple pattern with bright fabrics. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. The quilts turned out great!!

    I like the retro floral back on the zip quilt!

    You have put a lot of quilts thru that new machine so far.

    Happy Hearts Day!

  3. I love the Granville quilt front and back!! Happy V-Day to all of you....xoxoxo

  4. Both quilts came out great! Yet so very different in feel. I really like the pattern you quilted in the Granville quilt, thanks for showing the quilting close ups. And I spy a couple of fabrics I own in the zip quilt...LOVE that backing fabric too wish I owned that one! Have a great day.

  5. Lovely quilts. They came out great. Sorry about the tension problems. Have you changed the needle?

  6. And that was wonderful that Eileen found that tea set for you! Fabulous surprise.

  7. Love the quilt. About the tension, you might want to check in the bobbin case, and under the throat plate for lint. It sounds like you're doing lots of quilting, and it doesn't take long for the lint to get built up, and it will mess with your tension big time. Ask me how I know.

  8. Love both quilts - the zip quilt is really neat! Perhaps you need a thread thingy to help your tension problem - sounds like the thread is getting stuck on the spool. The "thingy" is a separate stand that has a tall slender metal rod with a hook at the top. The thread sits at the bottom and is threaded up thru the hook and then thru the threading hooks on your machine (this is hard to explain). It's pretty inexpensive and helps keep the thread at an even tension. It's great for monofiliment thread or thick threads. Check out Keepsake Quilting catalog or any notion catalog. Hope this helps.

  9. Oh,both those quilts are so pretty! I love them! Great job!

  10. You have been a busy the quilts and the tea set is adorable! Are the puppies celebrating Valentines Day???


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