Monday, February 16, 2009

color combo

I am "This" close, to cutting this skirt up to use the fabric! Isn't it lovely!

I bought this a year ago. I've never worn it. I'm sure the fabric is what sold me on it! Sums me up pretty well right? brown, turquoise, blue and brown.

I started to look around my house... and outside.

Even my pantry. Green, Blue brown...
Maybe it's beginning to be a problem...

The Granville quilt found a home in my guest room. I spy, green, blue and brown..!

I have a bunch of new fabrics picked out. After that bright purple and orange quilt, I need something more subtle...

BROWN, BLUE and something new, GOLD.
Now to figure out what to do with them!


  1. Do it! Cut it up! If you aren't going to wear it, you ight as well enjoy it somewhere other than in the dark closet!

  2. Before you cut it up, though, pair it with a blouse or t-shirt and wear it once just to see how it feels.

    I'm loving your pantry!! That screen door is perfect and the contents of your pantry so picture-perfect. Could I move in there?

  3. Never a problem if you love certain colors. Living with your favorite colors is the opposite of a problem!


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