Thursday, January 15, 2009

what else....

hmmmm, what else is laying around here that needs to be finished and put to rest? these brown and blue squares have been here for ages, collecting good ol' NYC dust... Not sure what to do with them.... maybe a dark background. I rather like how they pop off the picture just laying on the floor...

As for the POLL, here is what everyone said:

23% said A. Fold it up, put it away and forget about it

5% said B. Take it apart, rework it, until you like it.

1% said C. Cut it up and put it back into your scrap bins

35% said D. Donate it. You'll never have to see it again.

10% said E. Give it to someone who won't care (or doesn't know)
if its not your #1 best piece of work

25% said F. Give it away in a BLOG GIVEAWAY?

So, that is what I decided to do. I'm with the 35% of people, I donated to the Gladney Center for Adoptions to raffle off at our Chinese New Year Celebration at the end of this month! They are happy to have it and it will raise money for other programs for children adopted for China and the China Initiative.

THANKS for all your opinions!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, a quilt you don't even like will be a fundraiser! Yay! Sounds like a very worthy project.
    And that dark background looks great with those squares.

  2. good for you! i sure love those blocks!!

  3. What a wonderful idea to make it really useful! I'm sure the new owners would never understand that you did not like it if they knew!

  4. Ooooooh love the dark background with those blocks!

  5. i love your quilt in this post! the blocks are so stunning against the dark background!

    about my juki---it's a TL-98Q. and it's wonderful. I think the TL-98QE might not have the auto cut feature (which I wouldn't want to live without!!!) let me know if you have any more questions about the machine...i'd be happy to help.

  6. I do like how those blocks pop off the dark backgroung...

    And good for you for donating the quilt. I am sure it will bring a bit of money in as fundraiser!

  7. Love your squares! They look really with the dark background. Made me think of chocolate.... And yes, of course - I love that, too. Good luck putting it all together.

  8. very cool to donate the quilt...our family was created through two adoptions.

  9. You will always feel good about doing this.. yay!

    I like the black background. Wonder what red would look like. Or maybe not. It would just be interesting to see..


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