Saturday, January 17, 2009


Something OLD, something NEW, Something MOD something COOL!
Trying to take an old pattern an update them...
This is what I try to do when I make a new quilt... I like taking old fabrics, some old blocks new fabrics, updating a traditional pattern to make if sort of modern and sleek... it's fun to play around with them...

I've noticed a lot of people sketch out an idea. Maybe I should get more organized and try that, I did that on only two quilts. I like how they turned out, But often I just like to be inspired by the fabric, I start cutting and after
trials and errors, I come up with something...

I guess I am still trying to figure out my quilting style...

I have had a bag of 9 patch blocks from old feedsack, laying here, thinking maybe I would put them all together one day. But that seemed to boring. So I've added some here, and there, as bits and pieces in other quilts... So now, again, I've dug them out, took out most of the blues, kept the greens reds, pinks and browns... And just began to play....

I was inspired to use the top rooster/tree fabric above. But as it turns out, cutting it apart, you loose the whole effect... SO I have used the small rooster print, the flowers and the scallops.

SO much for my inspiration fabric!

Then I dug out a bunch of brown/pink, brown/cream prints, and I still want to find a way to put in the big roosters... I'll probably end up buying more of that frabric for the backing, because I just can't seem to make it work anywhere... And so far pattern wise, of the 4 above, I will probably go the route of the TOP LEFT square. That way I can use up a bunch more of the little 9 patches... Also, my machine, that worked like a dream for like 1 minute, went back in the next day, as It still didn't do what its should be doing... so new parts & more time spent away from me!

BUT! I tried out an industrial JUKI TL-98Q

I think I am in LOVE...


I'm thinking I better sell off a few of the quilts around here....
I might just need to thave that machine.


And for fun, head over to

She is blogging about her process as a fabric designer. And Funny enough,
I was reading her blog one day, and she posted her view from her sewing room, out over a frozen lake.

I looked a little closer, and I thought, "hey,I know that lake, those islands!" So I sent her an email, and it turns out she is just on the other side of the lake where I have a cabin in Minnesota.

I tell you, this world? --- It Ain't so BIG!


  1. THANKS for poitningout this blog. I added it to me reader.. love that stuff.

    Ok.. those fabrics you are going o use with the feedsacks are awesome. Can't wait to see what you're doing here.

  2. You definitely need a new machine. Yes, yes you do. I have mega quilter that is similar to the Juki, and yes - that baby is FAST. But I still love my Bernina.

  3. Ahhh... dreaming of a new machine...

    JUST DO IT!!!!

    Do you have an etsy shop to sell those quilts on?

    My machine is an old hand me down Viking - and it's a bit sensitive anymore...

  4. ...that's why I hand sew everything...

  5. Where in Minnesota? I spent my summer vacations as a kid up in Itasca County where my dad went every year for bass fishing. I loved it.

    (the word verification for this comment is "backing" you suppose they selected that because we're quilters?)

  6. I think that it is good to experiment with different settings and styles. I don't know if a quilter has to have a style. It is good to try lots of different things! I like your choice, will be back to see how it turns out.

  7. Thanks for sharing your process. It's a little glimpse into your brain! I love the Minnesota story - sometimes it is a small world.

    I'm in the market for a new machine (I have kind of a big birthday this month and my mom has been asking me what she can get for me). I've read about the Juki but couldn't find a dealer nearby to try it out. May I ask where you did? Also, did you try out quilting or just piecing?

  8. What a sleek looking machine. Wow!
    And those pink and black blocks looks terrific. Isn't it fun to play?


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