Monday, January 19, 2009


This weeks project... This cute Lucky Cat fabric has been sitting here trying to inspire me...I'm just not sure how to put something together with them yet...
I want to make a Chinese New Year runner, or lap quilt... I'm hoping lightening strikes soon, as New Year is next week! A big deal in our house...

Eileen at Eileen's attic posted about an old tea set she had, and it made me think about my dishes.
I bought this bowl after finding it on ebay years ago when you still could get things at real garage sale prices...

When I got married I never registered for dishes or stuff like that, as it was just not my thing. But once I found this bowl, an obsession started... It has no markings on it, so I was stumped...

So I would search ebay for Peacock, plates, bowls etc, and search through 100's of photos trying to find anything else that matched the pattern of the bowl. Probably a year after I found that bowl, I found these plates, which, again have no markings on them... stumped again. Then by crazy chance I found one plate in some antique store, that did say, Seondry Selection. But again, dead end as to finding anything else...
I tried, nothing...

I found these two bowls, similar but not exactly the same.

Then, in a antique store in Denver, I found this plate. yeah! Does it have any marking? well, it said 4901. That's it. No name no nothing.

About another year later I found this plate in an store in MN, and by golly it was labeled Salem, New Yorker. BINGO! But could not find anyone who was selling them... Bit by bit, I continually started to find things that were similar to my pattern but never pieces that we the same set.

Then last summer, I found a woman in upstate New York, who was selling a whole set one piece at a time... I did manage to get her to sell me the whole set.

So after about 5 years, I have a set that I love and use everyday. It may have a lot of pieces that are not exact tot he set, but it's been so fun to discover bits and pieces over the years. And now I have to admit, from dishes, NOT BEING MY THING... well. I've got about 7 sets now... It just took finding the right one!

And actually I had to find them all piece by piece as well. Maybe it's the hunt I enjoy... ;-)
Now, If I could just find the rest of this set!


  1. That Rooster cup is adorable! And I love the dishes and story behind them.

  2. I have some of that lucky cat fabric - but I really like the rooster fabric in the previous post!

  3. I am an everyday visitor to your blog from Japan. As for the Lucky cat fabric, how about connecting with Japanese traditional indigo fabric and stitch it like Sashiko embroidery? I am curious how it would turn out to be with your idea though.I will be waiting for it updated.(^o^)

  4. That was a neat story about the dishes. The hunt is the fun part although I bet you love using them because they are pretty neat.

  5. Oh wow.. these are gorgeous. Wouldn't it be so cool if now because you posted about this on your blog, that someone will come up with more of your dishes?.. or the rooster glass?

    I hear you about ebay. I used to sell there when it was fun.

  6. these dishes are so beautiful. Love the story of how you came to own them.
    Sorry I don't have any of the rooster glasses.


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